Hi All

Hope someone can help.

This was the second flight of the day, was range testing my video downlink with a new legal power transmitter. First flight all good.

Second flight went like this. Take of , all good and fly away straight line for about 150 metres at 20 metres alt'.

I suddenly realised that the craft was not responding to me and was drifting left and losing height. At a loss what to do for a few seconds i then remembered to look at mission planner where i noticed flight mode "land" I do not have this flight mode defined so a had no idea what was going on and RTL did nothing.

Big Panic !! as i just had to watch it drift away. Luckily it crashed into a hedgerow where i eventually found it about 6 feet up. every prop broken and one motor mount snapped.

Logs show an EKF error but thats as far as i get. Have read since that EKF can induce a land . I did not know that. I also discovered that a switch to Alt hold should have given me back control, who knew?

Fence breach was not initiated for either distance or height.

Please enlighten me.

2016-04-28 13-08-58.bin

2016-04-28 13-08-58.kmz

2016-04-28 13-08-58.log

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