er9x and 3DR Radio Combination

I have found discussions in the forums about XBee radios, 9x receivers and er9x firmware, but none on 3DR radios.  Has anyone combined the er9x on the Turnigy transmitter with 3DR radio to acquire telemetry data?   Is there a tutorial to follow?  I have the Smartieparts board installed in the 9x and flashed with er9x.  Since I have 3DR radios to work with, I'd like to know how to connect it to the transmitter to receive the telemetry data.  I'm hoping the it does not require an expert level of soldering abilities to accomplish.

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  • MR60
    Too bad the guys who developed this g9v TR9x mavlink mod do not provide answers to these questions. I am also stuck like you guys in search for minimal overview/documentation to do the hack.
  • please send any link or photo ...i am not electronics expert and i don twant to make mistake

  • It's is possible me and a friend followed the gv9x guide, and just replaced the Xbee with the 3dr radio.

    One problem we've found is it will lock up if you also have a radio connected to your pc at the same time.

    The solution here is to first initiate the radio on your 9x, and then on your computer.

    I think this is due to polling by the two ground radios interfering with each other, I've tried to figure out if it was possible to enable a "Radio silence"-feature on at least one of the radios.



  • seems good i am intresting about this ......and i  want to know how to connect the   (air) radio with transmitter

  • I am also very curious about this. I believe both the Xbee and 3DR radio systems simply stream MAVlink data over serial (tx/rx) at a specified baud rate. Therefore they should both hook up to the 9x in a similar way. Information on getting the ArduPilot version of er9x hooked up seems spotty. There IS a link on the er9x page (google code) called ArdupilotPilot Display, a pdf tutorial that shows some info on setting this up with an Xbee telemetry system and a 9x radio. I believe this info is a bit dated, but it does gives an idea of how to hook it all up (and is much simpler than the FrSky telemetry mods as it's just matching up the uart tx/rx). My guess is that the MAVLink telemetry functionality of er9x started with the gv9x fork and then got backported as the ArduPilot firmware version of er9x (just guessing from the dates on some of this stuff). The gv9x page does link to this video, but again no documentation otherwise. Back to the initial question of will the 3DR radio system work with the ArduPilot firmware version of er9x, I wonder if it's possible to simply use 2x 915 MHz "Air" modules as the 915MHz ground module seems to only come in a USB varient. Further, would it be possible to have two "ground" modules working at the same time: one attached to a laptop via USB and a second inside a 9x radio. I read a comment somewhere that mentioned someone had successfully hooked up 3 Xbees in a similar configuration (MissionPlanner + 9x radio w/ ArduPilot firmware + APM 2.5). But this might only be possibly with XBee's more robust point/mesh network functionality. Not sure. Probably best if we post some of these questions on the 9xforums. Been meaning too, but haven't even built my copter yet :)
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