Hi all,

I want to use the new capabilities (thenks Jani) of the JD-IOboard to transmit the telemetry to my Flysky er9x firmware through the DJT-D8R-II plus combo.

Therefore, I'll update the firmware to the er9x frsky. Furthermore, I want to become the info displayed on the standard screen. Here.

Question: Does someone knows if all the info transmitted can be displayed? In other words, Does someone knows, how many screens has the er9X-Frsky firmware for display the telemetry data?

Thanks in advance,


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depending on the sensors you have it will show you 

Temp (from the baro)


Voltage (requires sensor)

GPS coordinates

if you do not require the LED control function of the JD-IO board, a simple arduino pro mini also does the job btw... :-) 

Hello Christian,

Thanks for your reply. I think no... I think all these sensor data that you mean are provided by the APM2.5 board, and transmitted to the JD-IO board  through the telemetry cable. Unless the voltage... but I think this also if you have the new power supply.

The question is if all these data can be displayed by the er9x frsky firmware in the standard 9X's screen.

that's exactly what I am saying.

I am using open9x since telemetry is much more advanced there.

I have an arduino pro mini running the JD-IO software. this reads the sensor data from the APM or MPNG CAIOP and feeds the data converted in Frsky-Hub format into the Frsky-Rx which is transmitting the telemetry data down to the 9x.

There the display can show:
Alt (from Baro and Sonar)




Vertical Speed

Voltage (either from a voltage sensor on the frsky-RX - usually A2 - or from a voltage sensor on the APM/MPNG

RSSI (Rx/Tx)




Together with threshold warnings and voice out on the 9x absolutely amazing!



Thans for this great info Christian!

This is the pro mini,

You load this one with the "jD_IOBoard_FrSkyMAVLink.ino" code.Which pin are you connecting to the Rx?

Relative with the voltage sensor, for example you mean this one plugged in the Rx-a2 port, yes?

And you receive all the info directly displayed on your 9X screen? What is your 9x firmware?  perhaps the er9x-Frsky?



yes, simply load the JD-IO Board firmware to the Arduino Pro Mini (using a FTDI and arduino on your computer)

Power the Arduino Pro Mini with 5V and GND (e.g. from the receiver's pins).

Then connect the arduino's D5 to the Frsky-Receiver's data port and it's serial rx/tx to the telemetry-port of the APM.

that's it.

I am using Open9x firmware, as it is much more flexible than er9x...

br from vienna,



I'll prove both the Open9X and the er9x-frsky.

I think you did this mod, and that the "Open9x for '9X Radios with FrSky telemetry modification" observes these wiring modification (Throttle-Cut and Aileron-D/R goes jetzt to pins 41 und 42)

I wish you a Happy End of the World in Vienna. :-)


I started with that mod; however in the meanwhile I moved on to an sky9x-board for my 9x.

This is a simple swap of the transmitters main board and you get tons of new features with that. My 9x is now more powerful as commercial 500 ++ USD TXs.

telemetry is only one thing, but also comes with voice announcements, 32bit processor, SD-card reader, support for haptic feedback,...

voice out together with telemetry is really a great feature!




Thank you very much Christian, you solved all my doubts.

Greetings from Spain

and the best of all: it's 22.12.2012 and the world is still here :-)



Hi guys,

I also have the DJT-D8R-II plus combo and my IOBoard is in the mail on its way.

I have a few question about the hardware modifications you have to make:

1. Have i understood correctly that I have to have a level converter in the transmitter?

2. In the picture on page. From the transmitters board the connections to Fr-Sky RX and TX. Do these go out of the transmitters case and connect to the DJT or is there a better way to do this?

Basically a few pictures would answer these questions but I cant seem to find any...

I have not implemented this modifications yet, for this reason, I can only speak from a theoretical point of view.

Having said that, yes: you needlevel converter in the transmitter.

You need these resistance only if you want to reflash your transmitter with plugged "Tx".



exactly. you need a level converter.

I did it that way: http://9xforums.com/wiki/index.php/How_to_modify_your_9x_to_support...

for my first attempt and it works well.

a bit tricky, but definitly worth it!

greetings from vienna,


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