er9x Frsky firmware, What is displayed?

Hi all,

I want to use the new capabilities (thenks Jani) of the JD-IOboard to transmit the telemetry to my Flysky er9x firmware through the DJT-D8R-II plus combo.

Therefore, I'll update the firmware to the er9x frsky. Furthermore, I want to become the info displayed on the standard screen. Here.

Question: Does someone knows if all the info transmitted can be displayed? In other words, Does someone knows, how many screens has the er9X-Frsky firmware for display the telemetry data?

Thanks in advance,


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  • Just curious, did you ever get this to work?

    I am have desperately tried to get the same solution going.. with no luck.

    The ioBoard firmware is just jumping the telemetry inputs everywhere... 

    The GPS data doesn't come in....

    Do you have the same issues?

  • Hi all,

    I am new here on the DIY forum and loving al the information i can find over here.

    But enough about that :)


    I have a slight problem

    I am using a er9x transmitter with FRSky module, modded my er9x succesfully and al works well.


    Recently i've made the jump from Naze32 to AMP 2.5.

    For FrSky to work i bought a IOBoard and connected it al together.

    Unfortunately i have some trouble getting the information from the AMP to my er9x.

    It stops blinking so the transmitter is reveiving data from the IOboard and when i disconnect the ioboard the er9x display' starts blinking again.


    my er9x works fine becouse i use it on my Naze32 quad with telemetry so it must be something in the IOBoard.


    i flashed the IOBoard with the FRsky firmware

    I've tried switching the TX and RX cable (incase i got it wrong)

    here you find a picture of the setup


    Hope someone can give me some advise


  • There seems to be an option for telemetry conversion of the 9X with the DJT (and also the DHT) module where you don't need a RS232 to TTL level converter or any other board:

    I captures the TTL signals before they are converted.
  • Developer
    I've just converted my 9x radio to use telemetry from the FrSky module. I used this board for the conversion, I also have the SmartieParts programming board so no soldering required.

    The Open9X firmware has three screens. One with ADC1,ADC2, TX RSSI & RX RSSI, and the other two can be customized.

    I've ordered an Arduino pro mini, so I'll post back when I have it working.
    9x TelemetrEZ - $24.00 : 9x TelemetrEZ - Connect your telemetry-enabled FrSky module to your 9X the EZ way.
  • Hi guys,

    I also have the DJT-D8R-II plus combo and my IOBoard is in the mail on its way.

    I have a few question about the hardware modifications you have to make:

    1. Have i understood correctly that I have to have a level converter in the transmitter?

    2. In the picture on page. From the transmitters board the connections to Fr-Sky RX and TX. Do these go out of the transmitters case and connect to the DJT or is there a better way to do this?

    Basically a few pictures would answer these questions but I cant seem to find any...

  • depending on the sensors you have it will show you 

    Temp (from the baro)


    Voltage (requires sensor)

    GPS coordinates

    if you do not require the LED control function of the JD-IO board, a simple arduino pro mini also does the job btw... :-) 

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