Errors in Tuning

A little after updating to .49, and flying well, I started getting "failed" errors when trying to tune some para's.  Just three:  The "Thr Rate" box and the Roll and Pitch Rate boxes.  I'm able to go through setup and everything else, change stablize para's, etc.


I am using a simple USB cable.


I have Reset, Erased, reloaded firmware a few times but the same para's still remain un-editable.

Might I have a bad 2560 board with a bad part of memory?  Anything else to do?


Thanks for a great project.

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  • I decided to load by Arduino and the issue went away.  I never would have thought that since I have had good success with the M.P.  I did not even need to reset or erase, it just worked.


    Thanks alot,  Mat

  • Had the same very problem. I found three work arounds


    1.  Before connecting to USB cable put the APM board to setup mode using slider switch


    2. When I uploaded code 2.0.49 using the Arduino this problem vanished.


    3. Probably on wireless link this problem also doesnt come


    I am using 1.0.84 APM planner

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