ESC and MOTOR compatibility

Hi i i don't know if i made a mistake recently,


I bought  4 motors without checking if they were okay to work with the ESCs i allready own

ArduCopter ESC 20 AmpAC-0004-08-2T.jpg


and the new motors especifications are the ones below but i've been reading in the web that people use 30A ESCs with similar motors.

what should i do?

are they compatible?

should i buy new ESCs?

  • A2217-930KV brushless motor designed for  airplanesYO092X.JPG.
  • Model: A2212/15.
  • RPM/V: 930KV.
  • Batteries: 2-3 Li-Poly.
  • Efficiency: 80%.
  • Current: 4-10A (>75%).
  • No load current: 10V/0.4A.
  • Max. transient current: 12A/60S.
  • Impedance: 105mΩ.
  • Shaft diameter: 3.17mm.
  • Weight limit for compatible model plane: 300-900g.
  • Compatible propeller model: APC 10*5/ APC 11*5.5/ APC 10*4.7 (SLOW).

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  • they 've been working excellent, no problems yet so far....

  • This looks like the Mystery A2212-15 930KV.

    Im just thinking about bying these for my arducopter.


    Just wondering what are your experiences with these?

    Do they work well with the basic arducopter props?

  • YOur ESCs can take 20A, this has a Maximal current of 12A, what are you worried about?



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Aug 25