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I find very interstin everything about electronics

Please tell us a bit about your UAV interest

Im specially intersted in quadcopters


Godoy Cruz

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Agustin Monteverdi commented on Stefan Gofferje's blog post Multicopter setup list
"any update?"
Aug 5, 2013
Agustin Monteverdi commented on R. D. Starwalt's blog post A South Carolina Arducopter Project
"would you mind telling what wires did you use for the esc extension to the motor(the ones that go inside the arm)?"
Apr 1, 2012
Agustin Monteverdi commented on Joel's blog post Dutch engineer is the first man in history to fly like a bird with self- built wings
"this will be EPIC either win or fail"
Mar 20, 2012
Agustin Monteverdi commented on jim C.'s blog post APM works great with the X8
"wou amazing esta buenisimo!"
Mar 8, 2012
Agustin Monteverdi replied to Agustin Monteverdi's discussion ESC and MOTOR compatibility
"they 've been working excellent, no problems yet so far...."
Oct 12, 2011
Agustin Monteverdi replied to Jerry Chapman's discussion Question on my ArduCopter setup Combination
"well im hoping you tell us if it did fly correctly at the end...
any updates
cheers A.M"
Oct 11, 2011
Agustin Monteverdi commented on jpknobel's blog post Homemade Hexacopter Powered by Arducopter
"i looks really nice!! 've been reading the coments and i wonder where do you get the calc for the motor consumption, and the props calculation?
bump request for the motor mounts*
Oct 11, 2011
Agustin Monteverdi commented on Steven Harsanyi's photo
"hi there nice hexa!
what motors are you using and how much flight time you get with them ?are you using lipo 3s?"
Oct 11, 2011
Agustin Monteverdi commented on T. CHOICE's blog post my first quadcopter design
"nice ! well done !!
any info on materials motors...weight?
Oct 10, 2011
Agustin Monteverdi replied to Gareth Rens's discussion Good tip for noobs! (1st flight wobble/flip copter)
"ohh i thought you were going to explain how not to flip your copter in the 1° flight  (cause thats what  happening with my copter) but good tip"
Oct 2, 2011
Agustin Monteverdi commented on microuav's blog post octo at the tour in france
Jul 7, 2011
Agustin Monteverdi posted a discussion
Hi i i don't know if i made a mistake recently, I bought  4 motors without checking if they were okay to work with the ESCs i allready ownArduCopter ESC 20 Amp and the new motors especifications are the ones below but i've been reading in the web…
Jun 13, 2011
Agustin Monteverdi commented on Chris Anderson's blog post New Mission Planner GCS feature: integrated OSD video!
"omg i want to see a video of this! awesome."
Jun 12, 2011
Agustin Monteverdi commented on Jack Crossfire's blog post MACHINE VISION BEGINS
"cant see the video... it has content from the media and isn't allowed in my country..."
Jun 11, 2011
Agustin Monteverdi commented on Russell B. Sutton's blog post Ultra Light QuadCopter
"i like the idea of using arrows ...
could you provide me with specs for the arrows like how thick  ?hollow?simpple carbonbased?with keblar?
also how did you got to attach the arrows to the motor mounts?
Jun 8, 2011
Agustin Monteverdi commented on Michael Springer's blog post ArdupilotMegaPlanner runs natively on ubuntu linux with the program mono
hey is that unity?
if ->is it better than gnome 3?
May 17, 2011