Ultra Light QuadCopter

The new Carbon arrow shaft and blue 1 1/2" foam board.







All parts are glued together with epoxy.  The foam was cut with a RotoZip, razor blades, and sandpaper.

The raw quad chassi weights only 165g and is very ridged.  About 12 hrs. to build.  


Bare weight 165g

Flying weight: 787g ( 1 battery)

                       964g (2 bateries)  Still 30 grams lighter


    I moved all of my electronic from this quad

which weights 375g bare. ( HEAVY ) 


Flying weight: 994g

motor: 2212-1400kv

prop: 9x5

Batteries: 2200 mha 11.1v = 7 min flight time. :O(3689407057?profile=original


The size is the same but the weight difference is 215 gram. 

With all the weight saved I will increase flight time and allow for larger batteries and / or camera.

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  • all i know about the Arrow shafts is that they are CF, Hollow.  I went to an archery shop and the guy gave mme some used CF arrows for free.  I used 5 min Epoxy.3692220642?profile=original


  • i like the idea of using arrows ...

    could you provide me with specs for the arrows like how thick  ?hollow?simpple carbonbased?with keblar?

    also how did you got to attach the arrows to the motor mounts?


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