APM works great with the X8

I present my X8 test with APM on board ... and modification for parachute landing ... the APM worked wonders with this wing, only I will have to make small adjustments to the PID's ..

I want to know if someone launched the camera tracking code? I'd like to try it in this wing X8 .... if anyone can help would greatly appreciate



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  • Does anyone have a parameter file for the X8 they could share?

    I am having a bit of a battle getting mine tuned in well. Flys fine in manual and stabilise but is all over the show when navigating.

  • Update please!

  • hey, was just wondering what your setup was (motor/battery) and your approximate cg location?


  • Very nice flight ...

    where you get X8 ?

    i am waiting this frame for mounts ...

  • Great Job...

    I like the Parachute recovery sys.


  • wou amazing esta buenisimo!

  • That was excellent! please continue to follow up on development.  Have you read through this post here?"

  • Awesome ! pl. share the parameter file. One thing, I want to know is that the take off was very shaky and unstable, how was the overall performance.

    Is X8 available for ordering ?

  • How did you build the parachute system? Also, do you have any pictures of the parachute system?

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