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3689412367?profile=originalIf you update to the latest Mission Planner (1.05) you'll see a cool new feature Michael Oborne has just added: integrated OSD video! Just select your video input device from your aircraft's camera feed from the Configuration screen (Planner tab) and it will replace the background of the artificial horizon on the GCS, turning it into a heads-up display instead, as shown in the left window above.


Pretty cool, huh? It's a virtual OSD!


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  • Awesome ! The look and the virtual OSD is GREAT !

  • Can you undock and resize the video window.  If not, it would be a really useful feature for a dual monitor setup.
  • 100KM
    MAn, this is an awesome feature ! I had a 5.8Ghz videoset lying around to mount on my hexa when I got comfortable flying it manually. The idea was to try fpv, but this is gonna speed things up. Gonna mount video this afternoon !
  • Hi Chris!

    First, excuse my bad english.
    Congratulation for your great pice of software. The Video Background with the HUD is a really big improvement. Really nice!

    Now I would have a idea for a very intersting, new feature. I have nevere seen this bevore:

    What do you think about, to project different feastures in the OSD? My idea is to show something like waypoints, obstacles and even runnways virtually in the Display. This could be a great help for FPV pilots. (Landing in the dark or even in bad weather conditions)

    I know, the lag from the GPS and data processing may be a little problem, but when you fly straight for just a few seconds, it should be precise enought.

    The IMU and the GPS delivers all importand parameters (X,Y,Z and the viewing Vector). The features could be displayed just as lines (x1,y1,z1,x2,y2,z2 and a colour...) the only Variables what we would need additionally is the focal length of the camera and a viewing offset in degree, if the camera is not mounted perfectly in direction of flight (dx,dy).

    I could help with the coding. Normally I like VB, you wrote the programm in C. What developement tool you use?


  • omg i want to see a video of this! awesome.
  • That's a pretty awesome addition! You may have just cost me another hundred dollars or so for a video link ;)
  • 3D Robotics

    Mac users: please use it under Parallels or another virtual machines

    Linux users: Please use Qgroundcontrol, which runs natively under Linux, instead.

  • Same here on openSUSE 11.3 using the latest SVN.

    What is the SVN tag from the latest pre 1.0 version ?



  • Same error under linux, + system freeze during some minutes after the crash
  • I can't get it working on Mac under mono anymore (earlier versions ok) - looks like it gets most of the way then crashes out with:

    WARNING **: Path conversion requested 0 bytes (8388608 x 8388608). Maximum size is 8388608 bytes


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