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Being slightly annoyed by recent posts that just show off but don't share information and trying to find an optimal long-endurance setup myself at the moment, I decided to create a multicopter setup list in my blog. Some of you might know my X8 setup list where I started to collect efficient X8 setups. This multicopter setup list is basically the same idea. Everybody who likes to share can email me his setup which I will then put to the list. The list will be sorted by endurance, long endurance first, and grouped by the type, e.g. tri, quad, hex, etc.

I hope, after a short while, we will have a comprehensive list which should be a help for newbies as well as for experienced hobbyists to determine an efficient setup.

The list is up at (nothing in it yet, though).

If you'd like to share and your copter can go >20 minutes in flight or >30 minutes in hover, please email your setup to In this email, please provide all data which is shown in the list. If possible, please provide links to the components used. Please also tell, what you use the multicopter for (hobby, professional, SAR, etc.). You can also provide additional information, like a link to your DIY-Drones profile. Please also tell, if and what contact information you would like to see published with your setup.

Of course, I'm also open to suggestions regarding the structure of the list.

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    I think it wpuld be an excellent sub forum topic on the new forums people could add their endurance build under one heading then. In the future I can see us pulling the best of the new forums into DIYD to feature on the front page. At the moment some strange threads end up at the top and useful stuff disappears. 

  • You need to open and close this page a few hundred times to get your view count up. That will put this post on the main page if you can get enough views. I REALLY want to see this thread continue to grow because like you, Im tired of being left in the dark about a good setup.

  • any update?

  • frame: XAircraft 650v8. Engine: 850 kv original XAircraft 10x4.5. zyppy 6000 mah. apm 2.5 1.9 mtk gps, lv EZ4, v2.9.1.: 1650 kg.: 300 grams. 19 minutes.: 7 min.: Norman sanchez.:

  • I want to know the most efficient setup too..

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