Good tip for noobs! (1st flight wobble/flip copter)

Any1 thats new to quad rotors has no doubt discovered the infamous 1st flight wobble/flip copter effect caused by quite a few things done or not done.


I found a great way of testing the copter before actually allowing it access to wide open spaces and altitudes. The best way to not have to fix things, is not break them in the first place ;)


Simply suspend the copter from the top dome disc with a strong piece of string about half a meter off the ground. Attach the other end to the ceiling. Make sure it hangs level and that there is nothing to close.


Then carefully throttle up and check for any wobble or pitch/roll problems. The copter will only fly with the range of the string and if it does do anything weird, it wont encounter the ground...


If it flies level and happy, 10 to 1 it will do the same without the string.


This method has saved me quite a few props!!!



1. Dont let the string get caught in the props!

2. Dont fly it into the roof!

3. Only string the copter up after you've powered it up on the ground/level surface.


Hope this helps some1 :)

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  • ohh i thought you were going to explain how not to flip your copter in the 1° flight  (cause thats what  happening with my copter) but good tip

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