Question on my ArduCopter setup Combination

My ready to fly weight is 1220 grams including battery.  Well it didn't even get light on the skids at full throttle.  Here is my setup:

2217-9 BL motors from AeroQuad

10x4.7 APC slow flyer props

Turnigy 25 amp ESCs

Frame 3/4'' aluminum

2200mah 3s 30C Flight Max  Lipo 


The tractor props are on the front and rear motors(spinning CW), Pusher props on left and right motors(CCW).  Lettering on props is toward the sky.


Any suggestions?  I ordered some 12x3.8 props.



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  • well im hoping you tell us if it did fly correctly at the end...

    any updates

    cheers A.M

  • Developer
    Do you have an access to IR led's and IR receivers? and having an extra arduino board lying around? That way you could easily build small RPM measurement unit to look how those props are actually spinning.

    Have you ever been flying that quad earlier with AeroQuad or any other software?
  • Developer
    Yes tryo to calibrate your ESC's again. That weight should not be a problem. Most of quads are around 800g - 1.3kg. What is Kv amount on your motors??

    Especially if you have used it before with AeroQuad software, you need to calibrate ESC's. We have been having some problems when jumping AQ calibration to AC. This is due AQ used min throttle of 1100 to start engines and AC uses 1040. There are few other issues also with this.

    And it is still work on progress tho r55 in repository is working ok but still be carefull always with repository code due there might be big bugs lurking around. We are updating it almost daily.

    Onlly tested and accepted software gets to ZIP files.
  • Nothing getting hot. I'll try calibrating the ESCs again. Do you think the weight is ok?
  • Moderator
    Are your ESCs setup to recognize full throttle endpoints? (ESC calibration done?) Anything getting hot?
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