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  • and yes it's bulky first prototype, will trim it down a bit

  • almost forgot the frame size is 18" mtm 4" center plates

  • Thanks, the frame and motor mounts are made of g-10, the arms are 1/2 carbon fiber, the clamps are delrin, there are clamps that are attatched to the frame 8 of them as for the total weight have not checked yet,will give that later.

    This will be made in to a kit very soon..arf are rtf after I finalize all testing and trim some weight, the landing gear is temporary , it will have a 4 struts made of carbon fiber, in the final design for more info on the build check out this linkmy quad i'm working on

  • nice ! well done !!

    any info on materials motors...weight?


  • Hello, i have been developing a frame and intend to use a tubular structure for the arms. How did you design the support for the motors ? How do you attach them to the central plate ? Hope you can help me. Thank you


  • That's great, a bit bulky design but at least it flys.



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