esc mystery


Im not sure what is wrong and what I can do to further investigate this. 3 of the escs are working but the one for the left motor does not.

Ive tried to unplug the 3pin signal cable from the pdb and connected the front esc to the same connection and then the front motor ran. So the signal is coming to the 3pin output on pdb atleast.

Also tried to plug one of the other motors in the left esc and then they dont run.

Measured the + and - connections for the esc on the pdb and theres power there.

Measured the amperage on the output phases of the esc and on this esc there is no amperage coming out when the throttle is increased. On the other escs , front right back, the amperage increase with the throttle.

So, is this esc broken or is it "stuck" in some way? When I plug the battery in all 3 other motors beep and work except this left one. I dont understand if its the motor or esc but the esc doesnt give out power it seems.. however the left motor didnt beep or run when connected to one of the other working escs..

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  • Sounds like power is not getting to the ESC if the motor does not beep. Is there a bad soldered connection between the pbd and the ESC? Or maybe the ESC has just died?


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