I have always used this ESC's, always very cold in temp, but now I did a simonk flash for my 4 escs ...they are getting hot after 3 mins i have to land because loss of power due to temp i think...

What is the reason ? i did not calibrate them, but that should not be the reason

*apm 2.0 arducopter 2.8.1

*flying 30a from dealextreme.com (identical to HK-SS30A-HW this image 

* last version of tgy.hex


they arm ok, the first 2 minutes fly perfectly!!

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ok answer seems to be:

In the 2012-09-30 release and in anything newer, there is a "tp_8khz.hex" build that is the same as tp.hex but runs the PWM at 8kHz. This should work fine for you if flashed instead of tp.hex. the only workaround I am aware of that avoids overheating on these boards, short of changing the resistors around the NPNs that drive the high side FET gates. Note that you will hear the typical 8kHz PWM ringing noise that the stock ESC software uses, but the update rate and responsiveness will be almost identical.

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