ESC says dont use above 3500mah battery

My ESC on the AGV says do not use a battery above 3500mah (something like that maybe a bit greater. I peeled the sticker off already)  with it. (there was a little sticker under the battery that said this, i took it off a while ago). Well this limits my driving time, and i would like more. So i am wondering why would there be a limit like this on it? i thought current was asked for, why would there be a limit for how much could be supplied? I want to wire my batteries in parallel to get longer driving time, but am afraid to with this warning. Can i raise my current and lower my maximum speed?

I would understand a minimum battery rating, but a max on capacity? 

This is just a brushed motor and ESC from this vehicle 

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  • The only thing I can possibly think of is if the ESC is really, really, close on specification. "it can take x amps for 15 or so mins, then starts to warm up rapidly"I suppose then you might hit some kind of theoretical capacity limit. Generally though you are right, it makes no sense and is either poor translation or something running super close to capacity..
  • Hi Patrick,

    not sure, if you are still waiting for an answer, but here i go anyway :)
    you are correct in your assumption that this limit is non-sense.
    the ESC only cares about volts and amperes, not about the capacity of the power supply

  • Hi Patrick

    The answer you are looking for is this: If you try to use a battery that has a higher *voltage* than specified, you may/will eventually destroy the ESC.
    At all times, you have to stay below the maximum Amps or things will also overheat and die rapidly.
    If you use a larger *mAh* rating, you will get more runtime. The disadvantage of a larger capacity (mAh rating), is increased weight and size of the battery.
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  • T3
    This sounds like typically chinese warning.
    One chinese smartass copied EU/US produced ESC rated 35amps that can handle officially 40amps for 30s, and so claimed his copy can handle 45. Because of a few mistakes and 0.1USD cheaper parts it handles in reality only 18amps.
    Then american/EU smartass imported it and wanted to calm down 10% return rate to 5% return rate not because 10% money loss is a problem with 60% margin, but because handling costs are killing. Working is for fools.

    So the western smartass rebranded the esc claiming (in manual, on the sticker) that you shouldn't use more than 3.5Ah battery since with 5C rating that most officielly rated 25C chinese batteries can continuously deliver, it wouldnt exceed 18A limit (5*3.5..good enough).

    So this is the whole story.

    What is really interesting is that in modern world inflation is touching equally USD as technical units.
    This is the true mark of decline of modern economy.

    My advice: ignore parameters, use hem as order of magnitude..
    Quality control in RC hobby is virtually nonexistent. Those are TOYS. You can burn it or you can't. Unless you buy 10 pcs, expressly burn 5, test the limits of remainig 5, you know NOTHING about the product. And even then you know only about the current production batch.

    Wanty quality? Design yourself. Every single screw.
    In my practice Global Economy Ampere is around 0.4-0.5 Old Western World Ampere, if that helps.
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