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i fly rc helicopters, gliders, acro, anything. tried nightflying, tried fpv, will try autonomous flying

Please tell us a bit about your UAV interest

mainly to get my gliders back home safely, in case i went too far with the thermals



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wolfgang replied to Josh Potter's discussion Arduplane without a compass?
"did you place your apm near an electric engine (or other magnetic interference) ?
what can go wrong:
when flying in winds higher than what your aircraft flies, you will confuse your apm and loose it. (nearly been there...)
with compass, the nose…"
Sep 17, 2013
wolfgang posted a discussion
Hi,looking for info on how to connect HV servos to APM i couldnt find anything.So, here (in attached jpg) I present my best guess of what i should be doing...Does this look correct ?any comments ? thanks,wolfgangAPM-condor.jpg
Aug 4, 2013
wolfgang posted a discussion
Hi,a few days ago i started experimenting with the takeoff-waypoint.first flight was ok, but since then i have a good chance that the value for altitude is corrupted before takeoff (although i have 7,8,9 satellites)this might be coincidence and have…
May 28, 2013
wolfgang replied to wolfgang's discussion THROTTLE_SLEW_LIMIT
I am not a programmer, but I ran a search for "throttle_slew_limit" through all APM-files and noticed it is not used in the code. This explains, why it didnt work :)
Then I downloaded the ArduPilot-software to check and noticed that in the…"
Feb 25, 2011
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Feb 24, 2011
wolfgang replied to Alexander Casassovici's discussion Stylish quadcopter frame design
"very elegant, no grass-landings/takeoffs with this beauty, i guess
i have no clue about arducopter frames... will the ring around the props not cause resonance/vibrations ?"
Feb 24, 2011
wolfgang replied to wolfgang's discussion how do I upload code ?
"2 more screen shots:

Feb 23, 2011
wolfgang posted a discussion
Hi, I seem to be unable to upload my code. I must be overlooking something.These are my steps: - slider towards servos- connect USB cable- start arduino.exe (code01.jpg)- select my sketchfile (code02.jpg)- copy paste the 2 log-parameters into…
Feb 23, 2011
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Feb 22, 2011
wolfgang replied to wolfgang's discussion interpreting a log file
"Hi Guys,
nobody knows what the impact of IMU_health is ?
in case some else would need to know:
after looking at the logs here's my guess for CRS = ground course
Feb 22, 2011
wolfgang replied to Erik Hatch's discussion Autopilot Process
"Hi Erik,

Yes, you fly your airplane with your transmitter, switch to AUTO and the plane will fly to the waypoints previously programmed. When it is done, it will return to where you started (where you got GPS lock) and circle around that position…"
Feb 22, 2011
wolfgang posted a discussion
Hi, I tried to find some explanations on the items that are log, but couldnt.What is the meaning of CRS (under GPS) ?What is G_Dt_MAX (under PM) ? and especially what is the significance of "imu_health" ?what does it mean when imu_health goes below…
Feb 18, 2011
wolfgang posted a discussion
Hi,not sure where to post this, so here we go: in my config.h it says under "THROTTLE_OUT" #ifndef THROTTE_OUT..... there is an "L" missing, i guess that is not on purpose, is it ? any, what does this "THROTTLE_OUT" do ?just asking, because i have…
Feb 12, 2011
wolfgang replied to Patrick Mccabe's discussion ESC says dont use above 3500mah battery
"Hi Patrick,

not sure, if you are still waiting for an answer, but here i go anyway :)
you are correct in your assumption that this limit is non-sense.
the ESC only cares about volts and amperes, not about the capacity of the power supply…"
Nov 10, 2010
wolfgang replied to wolfgang's discussion did i mess up the soldering on my mega shield ?
"Hi everyone,

is there nobody who knows or who could check ?
or is my picture/problem not clear ?

i dont want to proceed until i know if it's ok, afraid of killing something :)

Oct 17, 2010
wolfgang posted a discussion
Hi, after soldering i checked the resistance between all neighbouring pins to make sure i did not make a connection between 2 pins whilst soldering.all are ok, except the 2 pins marked in attached image. when i check those, my multimeter beeps,…
Oct 11, 2010