Using the link status in mission planner reveals that my connection is very poor.  RSSI is around 200 with very little noise.  The radios appear to connect fine and data does flow between the pixhawk and GCS, but the link stats shows that 4/5 packets don't make it.  I've replaced one of the radios, cables, etc but get the same outcome.  Any ideas?

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  • Hi All

    I'm having link quality issue too using RFD900. At first I thought the area i operated had radio activities causing interference. We move to another distance location and this problem did not go away. The plane connects if it is within 300m, as soon as I move outside that range no link. I'm using EVENT's customized Mission planner based on Mission Planner v1.5.04, I hope this version naming by EVENT is consistent with original mission planner version. The Manufacturer recommended raise transmission power to 1W, but I don't see this makes any sense, if the issues is with the transmission power, I should get at least reasonable link quality when I'm that close. Any advise!

    Thanks in advance

  • Hi everyone,

    Happy new year to all!!!

    I use RFD900 modem with pixhawk and i have reached 10 kms out of home position flight successfully. I had put up my Ground Antennae high to achieve that. The real issue is, on the mission planner, during the flight the link quality was ranging between 95 to 98% . But when i replayed the logs in the mission planner, the HUD shows telemetry ranging from 50 to 98% during the flight. 

    Any reason or suggestions???

  • I just updated mission planner to 1.3.23 and viola! 100% link quality.  Thanks for everyone's inputs and to Michael Oborne for jumping on this one. 

  • Admin

    Hi All,

    I have alerted Michael Oborne, the MP Developer, to a possible issue with MP and the 3DR telemetry.

    He responded that he would investigate.


    TCIII Admin

  • Developer

    notice on the main hud it says 98% and in the other it shows 16-20%?

    this is because the 3dr radio injects packets that are not conforming to the correct sequence number.

    ie apm is doing the correct thing, hence the hud 98%.

    the 3dr radio is injecting packets for the rssi etc that have bad sequence numbers/duplicate packets

    • Developer

      I will add a workaround for this.

      in my quick test, the 3dr radio is duplicating packets, or it could be something to do with mavlink routing as well.

      MP is correct.

      patch is here

      • Yust update(Help-Check for update) to latest MISSION PLANER 1.3.22 LINK IS 100% NO PACK LOST....thank you

      • Any idea when this can be available in a release?

      • Admin

        Hi Michael,

        Thanks for the quick turnaround, much appreciated.


        TCIII Admin

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