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Mining Engineer with interest in Aerial Mapping using UAS technologies.

Please tell us a bit about your UAV interest

For Professional aerial mapping.


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IronDOME replied to Darrel Maddy's discussion mismatch images to CAM messages in georef
"Hey Jay

Sounds complicated to use, but how good is this tool?

Thanks Jay Case said:
Try Swift Tag in the future. It handles cam/photo mismatch scenarios and adds additional features.
Apr 25, 2017
IronDOME replied to Jordan Mesch's discussion Pixhawk Mini and Spektrum Controller in X-UAV Talon

Check with Pomper Cukor of Arace aerial systems he can be of great advise to you on this stuff, he's a my magician.
Look him up and you can PM him he would get back to you very quickly.

Mar 3, 2017
IronDOME replied to Waladi's discussion [Aerial Mapping] What is best Sony Nex 5 setting for Aerial Mapping mission?
"Interesting discussion, I really enjoyed this. Also quite surprising how different we all are.
I use A5100 usually with Wide Heliar Voitg Lander lens. And shoot with the following params.
UAV Speed 12 - 14 m/s
Manual Focus set to infinity and…"
Oct 4, 2016
IronDOME posted a discussion
This used to be the one very annoying issue in mission planner, that the command column was hiding so text and you could not expand manually. The  latest version just came out V 1.3.40 build 1.1.6104.19708 which has this part fixed! Many thanks to…
Sep 17, 2016
IronDOME replied to Doug Andriuk's discussion Excessive Lost Packets 3dr V2 Radios, Link quality <18%
"Hi All
I'm having link quality issue too using RFD900. At first I thought the area i operated had radio activities causing interference. We move to another distance location and this problem did not go away. The plane connects if it is within 300m,…"
Aug 29, 2016
IronDOME left a comment on X-UAV Talon
"Sounds dangerous, I have not had that kind of issue.
Sure, not electrical problem?"
Jul 17, 2016
IronDOME replied to NIK.YAP's discussion Pixhawk , main power port & servo rail
"Hi Thomas

Any idea abut where to buy read made secondary power cable? I'm not really keen on soldering and all that, i would like to purchase something ready made. Any suggestions sir??? I have been looking on Hobbyking, could not find.

Thanks in…"
Jun 27, 2016
IronDOME replied to Oleksii Svyryd's discussion Mapping plane frame
"HI Alasdair

Any ideas to have wing extensions removable? They make it really bulky.

Thanks ID"
Jun 22, 2016
IronDOME commented on Chris Anderson's blog post Affordable new RTK GPS, designed for Pixhawk/APM
"Hi Mauricio
I'm one of you customers of the Talon, the last time we spoke you said you were going to do this upgrade but I never heard from you any further.

I will send you an email.
Jun 22, 2016
IronDOME replied to massimo ales's discussion pixhawk failsafe
"Hi All

This is an old post but I would also like to be educated further. 
How much throttle is require for RTL failsafe?
Thanks in advance
Jun 19, 2016
IronDOME posted a discussion
Dear AllSoory if this question has been answered somewhere else, my search could not find anything, may be I did not use the right keywords. I'm looking for the easiest way to set up autolanding while being about to define/set approach sector.…
Jun 18, 2016
IronDOME commented on Chris Anderson's blog post Affordable new RTK GPS, designed for Pixhawk/APM
"Hi All I need an affordable but reliable RTK system for my mapping platform, is reach available for purchase and is reliable? Does it work with PixHawk?"
Jun 13, 2016
IronDOME replied to IronDOME's discussion The New Talon - Where to Buy in X-UAV Talon
"Good stuff!

Thanks, I hope these guys are not too expensive. i will contact them right away. Very appreciated.
Yeah, it is an interesting air-frame. I looked at the assembly and maiden videos on youtube these guys…"
Jun 12, 2016
IronDOME replied to Ben Dellar's discussion Alternative noses for the Talon (3D Printed) in X-UAV Talon
"Hi Ben

I cant thank you enough for sharing design, I just have got mine printed I want to share photos here. Really amazing one good piece of work. Much appreciated. See my piece pictures attached.

Jun 10, 2016
IronDOME replied to IronDOME's discussion The New Talon - Where to Buy in X-UAV Talon
"Hi Hugues

I like your idea, actually I ditched the Talon Max for that same reason. Alternately I'm looking  at this http://www.fpvmodel.com/mytwindream-1800mm-fpv-plane_g999.html
Reading a few feedback, it is apparently very stable plane, so should…"
Jun 7, 2016
IronDOME commented on Martynas Ubartas's blog post Seagull #MAP - UAV camera trigger with 100+ camera models supported !
"Hi All

It seems there is yet another upgrade Iwant t buy the #MAP2, any comments from users?

Jun 4, 2016