Alternative noses for the Talon (3D Printed)

I noticed many people want to replace the dome with different noses for their Talons.

For those access to a 3D printer I have uploaded some designs to Thingiverse which may prove helpful. All are designed to mount directly to the standard bulkhead and have cutouts to fit the default carbon fibre tubes.

Talon Solid 120mm Nosecone - A tall print but should fit most printers. Nice and streamlined


Talon Camera Platform Nosecone with cable access - For all your DIY FPV needs


Talon Solid Blunt Nosecone - Easiest to print but probably not as aerodynamic


I hope these are useful for someone. Happy to take feedback.

I have in the past considered setting up an online store to sell these sorts of aircraft mods for people without 3D printers who are keen on RC. Would be keen to gauge interest in that.

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  • MR60


    Possible d'avoir le fichier en version editable (.123dx ou format Autodesk ?)

    Luc Maximilien said:


    here is my version of the Talon nose 114 mm long, 40 grams.



  • Hi,

    here is my version of the Talon nose 114 mm long, 40 grams.



    Talon Nose 114 mm by 4copter
    This nose for Xuav Talon printed with Zortrax Z-Hips weights 40 grams when printed with mesh infill . It is hold in place by two 10x2 mm round magn…
  • 100KM

    Hi John, those settings are slicer settings and not to do with the design. You can do that with the supplied STL files.

  • HI,

    would you kindly share with us the original file so we can do some modifications on it?

    We want to do it with 2mm without the 5% infill to save weight

  • 100KM

    Really great to hear they are useful to people! Appreciate the feedback.

    Scott - why did you modify the talon wings? What are the main flight differences you see with clipped wings?

  • Just another thanks for sharing these.

    I started with your STL file and modified it to directly mount a GWS S125 1T servo and angled the bottom to not block the view of my FPV camera.

    See attached photos of it on my "clipped-wing" talon.




  • Hey Mate

    Are you selling these already? I really hate the glass dome, I want the "Talon Solid 120mm Nosecone"

    How much is that?

    Thanks in advance

    • 100KM

      Hi - haven't got anything arranged for this formally. Where are you located?

    • Hi  I think that your dome mods are great, Iv'e been looking for an alternative to the standard dome

         If you decide to start producing them for sale i would be interested in the 120mm dome and the camera

         platform in black.  I live in Malaga Spain  regards Ken

    • Hi Ben

      I cant thank you enough for sharing design, I just have got mine printed I want to share photos here. Really amazing one good piece of work. Much appreciated. See my piece pictures attached.





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