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auto grid mission with my talon

3691344464?profile=originalHi friends,

Can anyone help my to fix this problem regarding strange and unuseful turns on grid mode (just turns on South part) versus the northern that seem to be fine?

thank you.

The plane ia a TALON with extended wings. L1 NAV 15, dumping 0,80.

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X-UAV Build

Hi all,

I'm looking for an airframe that will ultimately be aimed at mapping/orthomosaic type projects and the Talon is one we are certainly interested in.

I know this has probably been asked 100 times, but does anyone have any information or could poi

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The New Talon - Where to Buy

Hi All

Any idea where to purchase this new Talon? The factory in China sound too pricey if I'm buying a unit or two, I guess whole sell is cheaper.

Apparently it is better type of foam, not sure. But Most importantly for me is that no more glass dome.


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Talon wing extensions

Hello to all,

I have been flying X-UAV Talon for 2 years on mapping projects, once I saw there was a possibility to include wing extensions so you would get more lift to carry more batteries an increase your flight time.  However they were discontinue

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Altitude and V tails

Hi, I´m new in UAV users ; recently I bought a Talon UAV and I have some doubt:

1.- Someone have been a problem to flight up to 2,260 meters over sea? This is the altitude of Mexico City, where I live.

2.- I observe that V tail are not sustain very wel

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Vtail mixing : issue or not ?


I just did today a bench setup and tests of my Talon Vtail mixing.

I post hereunder pictures showing the results. What is strange to me is that only one ruddervator moves when rolling (in FBWA mode), when theoritically the two should move in opp

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XUAV Talon on its way


I decided to take a big jump into arduplane & pixhawk by purchasing a XUAV Talon as my first APM plane. I hear already some voices say I should have started with a Bixler but I should already benefit from my Arducopter knowledge, I hope.

I order

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