Altitude and V tails

Hi, I´m new in UAV users ; recently I bought a Talon UAV and I have some doubt:

1.- Someone have been a problem to flight up to 2,260 meters over sea? This is the altitude of Mexico City, where I live.

2.- I observe that V tail are not sustain very well on the body airplane. I dont want to glue the V tail, because is difficult to transport. Someone to use a mechanics to put and remove the V tails?.

3.- The RC technician told me that is probable the Talon will need a long runway to take off. How many meters you need to take off with 2.00 kilograms

Now I arm the Talon and the next week is my first flight.


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  • Hi Hi  Sharing my first flying.   


  •   Hi  Sharing my first flying.   

  • Hi Gustav:  Thanks for your commnents,  I don´the extesions wings.

    This  is my  Talon configuration 

    1.- Motor:   High Performance Brushless T-Motor AT2826 550KV for Airplane

    2.-   ESC: HobbyWing Flyfun ESC 60A  for Airplane 

    3.-   Battery :  Two Tiger Power 6000 mAh 14.8 volts, 35c

    4.- Propells: 12x8 composite ( have one 12x10 too)

    5.-  Autopilot: APM 2.6 

      What do you mean  about this configuration?




    • I'm no expert, but at your altitude, I would fit a 3548 1100KV motor, if you are going to hand launch.

  • Tatich,

    Unfortunately you either have to glue the Vtail in, or make some way of screwing it in.

    Did you get the Talon with wing extensions ?

    At 2 Kg all up weight, with wing extensions and the correct motor, hand launch isn't a problem, even at you altitude.

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