XUAV Talon - Multistar Low kV power plant

Hey guys,

Ive just received my new Talon... been holding off for a few months... :)

I'm very happy with the quality of the kit..

Ive looked at different options for the power plant... I was preferring to use a 6S battery setup to reduce current load and hence needed a low kV motors...

After some number crunching, Ive come up with this configuration...

Turnigy multistar 4230-400Kv 16 Pole


and a 13 x 7 prop, similar to this


This was one of the pages that I used for some of the prop calculations based on wing loading, model weight etc...


I have attached a picture with some of the ECalc figures and a copy of the spreadsheet that I created based on the RC Group post.

Any comments or suggestions???



Ecalc Figures - 13x7 prop.jpg

XUAV Talon - Prop Calculations.xlsx

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  • MR60

    i would transmit an advice I received from senior guys flying the Talon, that is not to start with a 6S configuration because : it is too heavy, it does not give you as much thrust to take off easily (low Kv), it requires more dangerous large props.

    I would advise you a 700Kv motor with 13x8 props and 4S battery. That will give you (measured really on field) 1000g of thrust at 50% throttle which is plenty to take off (specs say to have 20 to30% of the total weight in thrust to take off...)

  • HI, 

    The description of the motor is showing that works with 4S, but you are flying with 6S, is it be ok?

    KV(RPM/V): 400
    Lipo cells: 4s
    Max Surge Watts(W): 550
    Working current: 20 amps
    Max.current(10s): 25 amps
    No Load Current: 0.6 amps
    Intemal Resistance: 0.079 ohm
    Number of Poles: 16
    Dimensions(Dia.xL): 42 x 32 mm
    Shaft: 5 mm
    Prop: 14 x 4.7 - 15 x 4
    Weight: 138g

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