• Hi, I use the Talon for large area mapping > 20ha. I tried various air frames. There are 2 ways of looking at this. You can accept the fact that using a foamie as a platform will make it a consumable. It will not have the life of one of the rigid composite air frames. I liked the Talon's performance and space so much that I did a split mold of the fuse to be able to mold a composite version and shelved that idea after mechanical lock of the first mold. I decided that I will use the foamies as a consumable, find the best layout for the equipment inside and discard the plane after x flights. This works well since the configuration is sorted and all the testing ground have been covered. I can unpack and build a Talon with my layout within 2 to 3 hours.

    I fly the normal wing, not extended. 8A 4S (760g) battery with a Canon SX260(+-300g) with CHDK and PixHawk. I use HK's S-Line HK3536 motor with a 70A ESC and a APC 11x5.5 prop. I plan my flights no longer than 20 minutes. I hand launch the plane in FBWA mode just to get her up and make sure everything looks good and then switch to auto.

    I also use a home built design based on the pusher prop SkyWalkers with a 3m span for the bigger cameras and endurance. Going the route of vacuum bagging and molding your own planes is a rewarding process.

    Good luck,

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