Hey fellow UAV enthusiasts & professionals !

Are you working with aerial photography, image mapping, agriculture analysis, 3D modelling or something where you need to trigger your camera from a UAV platform?

We are proud to present our first product from Seagull UAV !

Seagull #MAP - which also supports the latest "system" and "compact" Sony cameras, with two trigger modes and camera on/off feature. Furthermore we have added support for multiple camera brands with 100+ supported cameras models already available !

Short demo with transmitter control:

Short tutorial on setup to use with Mission Planner:

Don't forget to use the coupon code "DIYDRONES" - and get 10% discount on your first Seagull #MAP !
The coupon code expires on August 31, 2015

Check it out at our newly opened Shop - http://SeagullUAV.com - and order yours Today

If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask – our support is ready to help - have a great day!

Best regards,

The Seagull UAV Team !

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  • HI Rone, I have successfully connected the #MAP, but I am unable to shoot every 5 meters as the DO_CAMA_ TRIGGER command is setup to do. The number of pictures taken is 1/10 of the number of pictures I need. I have a Sony Alpha 5000 and I have the setup you suggest in your website. Do you have any suggestions?. Thanks.

  • Hi All

    It seems there is yet another upgrade Iwant t buy the #MAP2, any comments from users?


  • Hi, 

    Is there any way to send video signal to ground from SONY QX to some FPV system?

  • Hi everyone !

    We just changed the way you pick the right #MAP and camera cable configuration for your setup!

    Also added some quickguide videos by request.. :)

    Remeber the 10% coupon code expires soon - come by the shop and order yours Today :)

  • Hi Jesus Adrian Ramos Verenzuela,

    Thank You for informing about the missing T4i - it's now added to the list together also with the T6i :)

    The Rebels shouldn't need any firmware scripts - they should be supported directly with the 2.5mm "Remote" Jack..

    See example:


  • Can the #MAP be used with Canon EOS Rebel T4i cameras without CDHK scripts?. Reviewing this link http://seagulluav.com/product/seagull-map/#tab-description appearing  the models Canon Rebel T1i  to Canon Rebel T5i but not the model of camera that I have listed. I want to know if my camera is compatible with the #MAP.


  • Wiki Ninja

    Thanks Rone - if the manual doesn't say that, it should :-)

  • Hi Hamish,

    It's recommended to supply Pixhawks rail with 5v from a BEC / UBEC.. It can operate reliable on 3.5v yes, but 5v is recommended :)

  • Wiki Ninja

    FYI I have added a section for this on the wiki : http://planner.ardupilot.com/wiki/common-camera-shutter-triggering-...

  • Wiki Ninja

    Pixhawk nominally outputs 3.3v for the servo but your stated minimum is 3.5v. Does it work reliably at 3.5v?

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