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Soory if this question has been answered somewhere else, my search could not find anything, may be I did not use the right keywords. I'm looking for the easiest way to set up autolanding while being about to define/set approach sector. Presently I'm using parachutes for landing, my new plane is coming without one and I'm want to avoid installing one. So, the only detailed article I found is this.

But this is such a complicated thing for a newbie like myself. Could anyone point in the right direction? What I have though about are these options:-

1. Create a series of way points along the desired path for landing with altitude decreasing at less than 10% gradient, the last of these points would be say at 15m AGL, right after it i would have LAND command, my assumption is that Pixhawk would kill motor completely, pitch a little up and continue gliding to touch down. But my worries are that would the plane actually pitch? And would the plane reduce approach speed? If any these don't happen than it would kiss the ground at really high speed and may be nose down, this is not a desired outcome.

2. Define on two waypoints along landing path with gradient less than 10%, the second point would be at about 30m AGL after which DO_LAND_START command will be inserted, my assumption is that he plane will cut motor at the altitude and enter into landing routine which includes speed reduction, pitching up and continue to Home point for touch down. My worries are that, I'm no sure if this what will happen.

So I am looking to you all for you advise please!

My final comment is that, it would have been really useful if there was a much more simplified landing routine in the software. My first UAV was an eBee and it does this landing thing really good while also using ground sensor. 

Thanks in advance


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