The New Talon - Where to Buy

Hi All

Any idea where to purchase this new Talon? The factory in China sound too pricey if I'm buying a unit or two, I guess whole sell is cheaper.

Apparently it is better type of foam, not sure. But Most importantly for me is that no more glass dome.

Thanks in advance.



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  • Hi Hugues

    I like your idea, actually I ditched the Talon Max for that same reason. Alternately I'm looking  at this

    Reading a few feedback, it is apparently very stable plane, so should be really cool for aerial mapping and is not too expensive. For now I have to figure out how to attach parachute to it because it may not always be possible to find large operating area for easy landing without parachute. The other problem with it, is that it will require quite a bulk carry case. I have been looking around, it seems of the Pelican cases the only suitable one to provide sufficient width of 600mm, is Pelican 1730 which would cost between 350 to 450 USD before shipping and its quite bulky. But I really want to test that plane. Do you have some ideas?



    • MR60

      Hi IronDome,

      For a case, you can order custom sizes at sites like this one :

      I will look at the frame you mention, looks interesting

    • Good stuff!

      Thanks, I hope these guys are not too expensive. i will contact them right away. Very appreciated.

      Yeah, it is an interesting air-frame. I looked at the assembly and maiden videos on youtube these guys

      It is pretty interesting.

      Thanks again.

  • MR60

    This is not the XUAV Talon but another new model called Talon max. It is 2000 dollars, it is not EPO material and does not have a payload bay you can arrange how you want.

    Personally I prefer to buy the XUAV Talon for 200 dollars, a tenth of the price, much more flexible to customize. 

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