Is there a way to create a GPX file from and image that has gps data in its Exif

I am trying to use Palentier to overlay images onto Google earth but it requires you to load the jpg image and gpx track data in order to match it up and then export as a KMZ to google earth.

I don't have separate track data as the gps is in the camera and its data is in the Exif of the image.

If I cannot use Palentier what can I use to send the image to Google earth as an overlay?

Any help would be great thanks.

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Whats the source of the Exif location data in the photo?

While it would not be very hard to convert the exif data to a single point in a gpx file, it will not be enough for Palentier to overlay the image.

The reason they need a GPX file is to get the telemetry of your UAV to calculate the proper position of the picture. I wouldn't be surprised if they also need the azimuth and elevation of the camera relative to the UAV to get an accurate calculation.

One thing you need for Palentier is a compass heading.. this is required so each image can be rotated or oriented properly on the ground. If you build a gpx file from the logs, make sure to include the <compass> tag in your gpx option to work with Palentier.

It should need








Camera Elevation angle relative to UAV

Camera Heading angle relative to UAV

Exiftool will create gpx track files from a group of images, see 'inverse geotagging" here:


I see that my recent GPX files created from the Mission Planner, Telemetry Logs, Tlog>Kml or Graph, Create KML +GPX did not include the compass heading. 

Where / how do we "make sure to include the <compass> tag in your gpx option to work with Palentier?"

Thank you.

Bret C

No feedback on this post so I reposted this question here

Also, GeoSetter is a great tool for geo-tagging imagery, viewing gpx files, and also exif meta data.


Thank you for the tip.  I will check it out.

Bret C

Thank you JP.

Bret c


I have to go into Notepad, open the GPX file, and do a "replace" on "course" to change it to "Compass".

Then Palentier will recognize heading in the GPX file.

Yes, it would be nice if MP would do this for us in the Telemetry GPX file.

I'm still having issues with images that are lower than the avg height of the mission.  Seems like Palentier is not really using the altitude info properly to calculate scale of overlay.  And compass is still not orienting correctly it seems. Lot of manual tweaking.

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