Leawood, KS

About Me:

I am an aerial mapping and aerial photography specialist, and just getting involved in unmammed aircraft. My background is in geology, where I have always been interested in mapping and earth science. I learned to fly in 1986 and have been a pilot ever since. I migrated to manned aerial surveying and geomatics in 2000 working as a pilot, sensor specialists, and flight department manager. I am not an engineer, but sometimes think I should have gone that route based upon my interests. I am fairly knowledgeable about professional aerial surveying and photography having worked in the field for many years, as well as consumer grade aerial cameras and photography for low cost applications. I am very familiar with high end survey grade GPS and IMU systems, and some remote sensing such as imaging spectrometry, thermal and IR imaging. My professional interest is in airborne remote sensing and photography, and recognize that I should become knowledgeable about unmanned aircraft. I was an avid RC pilot 25 years ago, but a lot has changed.

Please tell us a bit about your UAV interest

Interested in UAV mapping, photography, remote sensing, and data collection. Currently just getting started with a skywalker. I have to get back up to speed with basic RC flying skills, then FPV, and then UAV. I also have a very strong interest in camera mount stabilization and hope to configure an ardupilot mega to stabilize a manned aircraft mount.


Kansas City area, and Homer Alaska