Anyone investigated or heard of this airframe? Found at

It looks similar to the skywalker in terms of a pusher T-tail foamy, but it has larger wingspan, single center motorglider ground wheel and little tailwheel for self-launching, and looks like a wider payload bay, for $124/Kit to $220/ARF.

I really like the skywalker, but this looks like it might solve some limitations on it, specifically the wider cabin for photo gear, more payload?, and center wheel for both ground takeoffs and protecting a vertical camera. Skywalker wing area 35.5 dcsq vs. 43 dcsq for ogar.

I don't have much experience with airframes, so if anyone has some reports or observations, please comment.

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Payload bay looks cavernous... EPO construction...may be worth a try.

The tri-blade folding prop is a nice touch.


I have also been looking for a slightly larger airframe.  This is a step in the right direction, but it seems marginally powered to me.  With a 2830 motor and a 20 amp ESC I don't think it would get off the ground once it is loaded with gear.


Another new airframe (flying wing type) is on    But I am not sure if the APM would handle the unusual elevator/elevon setup.


I have this fear that I will order the best available reasonably priced airframe and the next day someone will announce the perfect one I have been looking for. 

John, very interesting link, I am guessing you were pointing out the Hercules airframe? The youtube video shows a rough crash with little damage. The OGAR manual show an option for a larger engine, I would probably go with the kit not the ARF and use a larger engine.

Very interesting link, haven't seen the Hercules before, a very impressive payload, especially on the extended version.

The flying wing configuration seems to be a lot more robust, the OGAR looks particularly vulnerable to damage to the rear half of the fuselage.

What sort of payload can OGAR carry?

Also in the equation is stability, I suspect that the flying wing has the upper hand here too, downside though is the high cost of Hercules.

Another supplier with a few nice airframes is  I especially like the 2 meter "big boy"  It is $329 for airframe only.  But I like the size and shape.  I may end up building something like it, when I have more time.

Did anyone try this airframe, just noticed this thread!


Its very pretty and that's good enough for me!

I have one waiting at the house  this site shows both ogar and SW ogar has a lot more room

Been flying this for some time.  I love it as it has a large aspect ratio. Surprisingly the 2830 motor carries the plane and a load quite well.  The cargo area is very spacious.  Bought this after losing a Skywalker hoping it to be comparable replacement.  I prefer it over the Skywalker.  The parameters I have been using are attached and tested well with all modes.  They were used with tested with ArduPlane-2.68.  


Hi Todd,

Looking for larger substitute for skywalker, a ordered two Ogar. They comming July, 20.

Well, I need fly by APm2 or APM2.5. Have you experienced good flights with this setup?

I planning fly with 3542 motor and 9x6 APC prop, did you trying another motor/prop?

Its seem a bit fragile boom/elev/rudder set, am I right?

Could you post/sendf few pics of you plane?


Hello Marcelo.  I used this as a replacement for a skywalker as well.  It has been a great replacement.  It is very spacious and offers excellent flight characteristics.  I will warn you, be mindful of tip stalls during turns with this airframe.  You can add some washout to the wings if you wish, as this can help to decrease the incident of this happening. 

I have been flying it with the factory installed 28/30 motor.  It is pretty effecient on a 8" to 9" prop.  I ditched the three bladed prop and spinner that it came with.  It was bulky and the motor stayed hot.  With the two bladed props it runs smooth and cool.  I considered putting a larger motor on it, but opted out because it just didn't need it.

The airframe is very well made though, so there should be no concern for it being too fragile.  If you using an APM use an external compass and put plenty of distance between it and the magnets that hold down the canopy, or just remove the canopy magnets as I did and use a different means of holding it on. 

Here are some photos of my current setup.  I am in the process of configuring a PX4 and testing the arduplane firmware.  Been testing copter firmware on the PX4 of late, and it has been working nicely.  Now to the fixed wing. 

I cut an opening in the bottom of the airframe, as you can see from the pictures.  This has allowed me to utilize various imaging devices without further increasing drag.  The GoPro 3 fits in nice and snug, and is further secured with the plastic flap.  Been able to stitch some pretty nice images together with this setup. 

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