ArduIMU V3 output Error


I just ordered the ArduIMU and when I try to view it from the arduino serial window it only works for 9 loop refreshes then it displays a line of random characters and then repeats. I believe it is a result of a serial timing error. Any suggestions?


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  • Hi Daniel

    Does the "random"  message look like the following ?

    I'm having the same issue and  seem to think that it is a string of bonary data being sent from the AP_GPS library to the GPS and being echoed to Serial monitir. 

    I'm using a Ublox 6 GPS with the Arduimu.  Perhaps you can post your "random"  characters ,  which I think is not random but some binary data,  as you see a repeatable pattern and the string, in ascii,   +KMLL003,0001,38400,0*26   which includes the BAUD of the GPS and what appears to be a checksum.


    x<x<xxx<xÀøxàxÀxÀxÀøxàxÀxÀøøxÀx<ðøxx<ÿøxÀxøxxø`f3fÌÀfxÃ0à<àÀÀÀxÏàÀÀà<xüæÀÀ<À3ÃÏ30æàyáaó U(+KMLL003,0001,38400,0*26
    µb/@hP,H*±v©1µ±±ª©!cT#üµbÈÝhµbGµbIµbOµbgµb$*x<x<xxx<xàøxÀxÀxÀxÀøxÀxÀxàøøxÀx<ðøxx<ÿøxÀxøxxø`f30fðÃ`à<à<ÀÀàxÏàÀàà<xüæÀà<À3ÃÏ30æyáaó ª+S)    ¦&KLL&NM,0*26

  • Did anyone get a solution for this, other than turning off all GPS Requests?

    I am getting the same output when using a ublox GPS and setting gps device to 4 for the ublox. This error goes away when using a mediatek GPS (but the mediatek does not produce any GPS output).

    Sometimes the GPS message comes through properly, and sometimes it is skipped many times, but almost always their is gibberish or binary about every 9th line using the ublox.

  • i need help how can i connect Ardu IMU to Arduino mega 

  • I just loaded v1.9.8 and noticed the same thing. Here's what I discovered. I am not using a GPS, so I set GPS_CONNECTION to 1 for programming pins figuring this would shut off GPS altogether. It does not. It still tries to initialize the GPS every second, thus causing a stream of seemingly random characters. The stream depends on the GPS_PROTOCOL selected.

    To change this behavior, I wrapped each call to GPS in arduimu.ino with if (GPS_CONNECTION == 0).

    I'm not sure if this is a "proper" solution since I just started looking at the code but it works for what I need.

  • I uploaded it with a sparkfun 5v ftdi basic. The test code from the website works but all other versions of the code produce weird readings.

    Sorry for the late reply, I was waiting for an email notification and then forgot about the thread.

  • What did you load it with?

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