This is the ROWLAND F1-535 White Knight

Hi guys after some considerable time in dev. the production molds are now up and running here are some construction shots of what is coming. This is a flying camera mount. You steer the camera and the model follows. It will have a modified APM-2 to stabilise the camera plus another to control the model. Shown here with a DJI but AMP will be integrated into the final design.3690911908?profile=original3690911593?profile=original3690911931?profile=original3690911875?profile=original

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    Hi Denny! 

    Did you consider to break it apart in more modular parts? That way when something wrong happen you will only have to replace that part instead of the full frame... Looks good overall, but again the one piece frame scares me!  :) 

    Let us know how it goes with the APM2 and of course you need to show us more!  Great job so far! 

  • Beautiful. Pardon my ignorance, but what is a DJI, and what is an AMP? Is the blue foam just for fabrication, or will it remain as part of the structure?

    It appears that your camera is mounted on a base plate with dampening between it and its gimbal? Are you using the Hitec magnetic encoder servos for gimbal roll?

    Will the modified APM-2 for camera control be mounted on the camera, or on the platform?

    Thanks for sharing.

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