APM 2.5 for photogrammetry

Today I share with you my experience after four years of trial and error with APM, and managed to optimize my skywalker as UAV for photogrammetry, is a team of professional results for less than 4k USD, APM is a great platform for autopilot dornes developed for different applications at the beginning is a bit confusing and frustrating but then you start to see the benefits of this open source autopilot. georeferencing tools like pictures (control + F) is very useful for a good result.

my drone is equipped with:

skywalker 1900

motor : scorpion 1100

camera: samsumg nx200 lens 20mm

LRS : dragon link

radio : futaba 12fg

camera video : gopro3

modem: maxstream xt9

APM 2.5 




Here are other examples



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  • I have a question. I see that you are using the samsumg nx200 lens 20mm, yes? So, how do you get the cam to take syncronized pictures?

    I am using a canon that has a developed firm update specially for photogrammetry aplication 

  • Hi!
    Nice job Jim. It is impressive how your plane follow lines. Please tell me what are key parameters for flying along lines?
    I am trying to use my mentor in photogrammetry but still can't find best set of parameters for such task.

  • In my blog you can see some of my fly wing´s and other things.


    Blog falando de tudo relacionado aos UAV,s ou VANT.
  • I not use APM. I use my own autopilot based on arm microcontroller.

    This mosaic has made with fixed camera.

    On my plane i have a YAW / ROLL gimbal.

  • What apm firmware did you use? The line navigation was spot on, very nice. Can you post a photo of the camera mounting as well?
  • eduardo hello, good job, thanks for sharing ... my last tile has some problems now and I managed to correct.
    You could show more of your data.

  • This is a PRO-GRADE mosaic.

    No overlap problem, no joint fault.

    I never saw anybody show a BIG mosaic job here.

    i ever seen a very small mosaics.

    I only work with bigger areas.

    This mosaic has 3x8km

    believe or not, this mosaic has done with only one flight using my big flywing (2.60m)



    shot ever 80m

    camera: sony nex

    My last job are a big 10x33km mosaic 10x33km

    PS. i not use ardupilot.


  • hello Jonas, I use the overlap is 60 pociento approximate, before generating the photomosaic was generated a point cloud, this is used to make digital terrain models.

  • Nice data sets! What overlap do you aim for? I try to get something like 70/70 to have good redundancy and to get good matching results. Did you make a point cloud of the last data set?

  • Nice .....

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