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I am a student of Aeronautic Engineer, at the National Experimental University of the Army Forces of Venezuela. Member of the Universitary Group of Aeronautics Development, in spanish GUIA-X (Grupo Universitario de Investigaciones Aeronauticas Experimentales). Currently working on UAV

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UAV aeronautic design, fabrication, system integration and development.


Pto La Cruz

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Andreas commented on Graham Dyer's blog post ArduPilot formation flying attempt
"Wow, im starting to surf on this topic of swarming and its awesome. For instance i see that it would be very very useful in geographic survey, if you can swarm to aircraft yo can adquire the terrain data far more quickly that with one aircrat.

Oct 6, 2016
Andreas commented on DroneRanger's blog post Antenna Tracking - Initial Testing
"Just for a suggestion, instead of using the coordenates broadcast from the aircraft to you tracker station, you should use a RSSI (receiver signal strenght indicator) because it is much much much more precise. Although this precision doesnt play a…"
Sep 27, 2016
Andreas replied to Gonzalo Zamorano's discussion Compartir imagenes para procesar in Spanish Photogrametry group
"Gonzalo, saludos me gusta tu idea. Vamos a conversar, yo tengo material y si tu tienes material seria excelente intercambiar como tu dices andreas.ddelnogal@gmail.com +584263503334"
Apr 25, 2016
Andreas commented on Bernardo Espinosa's blog post Double Frequency L1+L2 GNSS RTK Receiver, being integrated on drones, vehicles and land robots.
"Bernardo i already wrote to the email you mentioned there!, ill wait for the product info!"
Apr 4, 2016
Andreas posted a discussion in Spanish Photogrametry group
Primero que nada el setting usado.Hardware:Dji S800DJI Autopiloto WookongSensor Remoto: sony nex 7 Software:Agisoft photoscanFree video to jpg converterInicialmente realizé varios vuelos con la opción de point of interest que posee este autopiloto,…
Mar 27, 2016
"Saludos como te ha ido con el levantamiento?

Para hacer un levantamiento con eficiencia lo recomendable es cuantificar la duración de vuelo de tu aeronave.

Concuerdo con lo que te recomiendan arriba de subdividir el levantamiento en áreas mas…"
Sep 10, 2015
Andreas replied to Gsouth's discussion No heartbeat packets received in Arducopter Y6 Owners
"Wessie im having this same problem man, how can i be sure that is this 3.3V chip issue? i want to be sure before contacting 3dR"
Aug 15, 2015
Andreas replied to Franco Olivares Alvarez's discussion Commercial services using ArduPilot in Agricultural UAVs
"Of course you can, Aeromao does it..."
Jul 6, 2015
Andreas replied to Patrick's discussion Pixhawk: can't calibrate external 3dr compass
"Basiclly if all the circuitry is ok, then its just that the sensor is out of his standar operating parameter.
Try sending it back to your provider as well, if it is just nwe, well just say that it came faulty"
Jun 30, 2015
Andreas replied to Patrick's discussion Pixhawk: can't calibrate external 3dr compass
"well maybe by accident it did. And, by any chance, did you put it near  strong magnetic field."
Jun 30, 2015
Andreas replied to Patrick's discussion Pixhawk: can't calibrate external 3dr compass
"Maybe the compass came in contact with a magnet and got degaussed somehow. There is a trick to repair this, but i only seen it with the DJI compass modules, although in escense they are very alike.
You can check the video for reference..."
Jun 30, 2015
Andreas posted a photo
Jun 25, 2015
Andreas replied to Brad Hughey's discussion The Case for Large-Scale Electric Multicopters
"Although  making a mechanically self stable multirotor  helps the flight controller to perform less corrections, a thing that would ultimately traduce in less load on the motors and a little more flight time.
Thats the case of the s800 of DJI"
Sep 23, 2014
Andreas replied to Stefan Gofferje's discussion Multi-rotor endurance factors? in ArduCopter User Group
"air or water, ERGO, a fluid"
Sep 18, 2014
Andreas posted photos
Sep 3, 2014
Andreas replied to Andreas's discussion CHDK Scripts & Parameters problem (Cont.)
"Andy, this is not entirely truth, because if you set the focus on manual, you can get flat 2 seconds per frame. I´ve done some testing on this with a stopwatch"
Aug 18, 2014