Foxtech 3 way cam switch misfunction. Help please

Hi guys, im having some problems with the fox tech 3 way switch

The link for the switch is the following:

I connected to cameras through the foxtech switch and the video fee gets clean to the video receiver when i use only one camera, but when i connect another camera on the switch the video feed from the second camera overlaps on the first one (i am using a ptz foxtech 10x zoom camera and a cctv kx191 camera), and everything is connected ass it should be, or how i guess it souhld.

later on i saw this video on the internet how show a guy that make some weird conection and he says that you have to power the switch with another source wich is rare given the fact that the switch gets power from the rc futaba receiver (im using the Futaba R138DP). here´s the video:


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  • I have the KX191 cameras too.

    I cant find the data sheets for them.  Do you?

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