The RTKITE receiver is being integrated right now in all these futuristic solutions, including vineyard robot helpers, selfdriving buses, industrial geology and facility inspecting drones, high speed planting robots, auto-steering agricultural systems, and many more!

The professional grade RTKITE is a complete GPS SOM Receiver (System On Module), based on the globally tested SmaRTK GNSS technology, using the same components and with the same SmartOS running on its powerful processor, has been reduced to a minimal module that is ready for immediate integration into any high or medium level application that requires true Real Time Millimetric positioning, without any limitation with full compatibility and high speed.

- Supports GPS, GLONASS, COMPASS, SBAS satellites on L1, L2, L5, etc.

- Compatible with CORS, RTK, DGPS, PPS, PPK, LBAS and every professional Navigation, Positioning or Surveying mode.

- Able to geotag pictures or events at instantaneously at 1 THz.

- RTK navigation at 20 Hz included.

- Internally logs and formats Events with GPS, IMU and Compass.

- Integrated GSM/GPRS quad-band modem to Broadcast RTK corrections (RTCM, CRM, etc) or receive from standard CORS stations or another RTK receiver.

- Compatible with any RF (UHF, VHF etc) radiomodem and is supplied with a professional 2W Tx/Rx module.

- Works as Base or Rover with many modes selected by software: (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.northsurveying.smartosconfig)

- Compact and light, less than 100 grams, including GNSS antenna.

- Includes SD card memory slot, Bluetooth module, and ports for Serial/USB interfase, IMU/Compass, 4 indicator leds, Trigger, Mode selection, Rx/Tx, and more.

- And it's Simple, Complete and Low Cost!


You can see its full details here: GNSS RTKITE Receiver

And if you have any question we are always available for one to one communication, write to: emea@northgps.com

North is a fully european company supported by the European Space Agency and located in Barcelona, Spain.



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  • Hello Andreas, if it was not already replied, it will be during today. Thank you!

  • Bernardo i already wrote to the email you mentioned there!, ill wait for the product info!

  • Nicolas CLOES Of course, you can receive or transmit RTCM 2.X and 3.X or CMRx through the serial port to any RF modem or PC, and also it can broadcast them directly to an IP address (like a CORS Station does) by the integrated GSM/GPRS Modem.

    As an example, you could use one RTKite (or SmaRTK) on BASE SERIAL mode on the ground as a base and use your controller RF to transmit the data to the UAV on DRONE UHF mode.

    An alternative and very stable option, in case that both the Base and Rover are on an area with Cellular-Mobile network coverage, then both Base and Rover can link directly with a phone SIM card, without touching your control RF.

    However, if you are on a region with CORS stations and Cellular network, you can completly remove the Base and use your RTKite as a Network Rover, connected to the Reference Station, that would be the cheaper setup.

  • @ Pascal P. thank you for your comments. Actually we are analyzing how to go to a broader market, as we do compete with Trimble, Novatel and leader brands on Defense and Industry areas, however our price is fixed, just not published online, just need to drop us a line.

    The representatives serve markets different to UAV and are published here: http://northsurveying.com/index.php/contact/representatives

    That being said, an online store for costumers like you is on the works, that will include the full range of receivers, not just the SOM receivers.

  • Hi Bernardo,

    Is it possible to transmit the RCTM corrections on the same serial port as the main data flow?

    The idea here is for the GPS receiver to gather the RCTM correction from the flight controller through it's datalink to the ground.



  • Very interesting product. A white paper on drone mapping application would be great !

    Also you should sell them directly through your website, like Drotek, Tersus or Emlid do (unless you compete with Trimble). One click, one price.

    Write to get representative list, then write to representative to get prices... a bit heavy no ?

    This RTK issue is becoming popular now, a clear and transparent commercial offer is a must to stay visible.

  • Hello, we work through a network of representatives, therefore we cannot publish prices directly, but if you write to: emea@northgps.com we can offer the complete range of receivers and accessories for them as integrators.

    We give personalized assistance to all of our costumers and we'll make sure that you integrate into your systems with our direct support.

  • What is the unit cost for this GNSS boards?

  • How much I found no prices on your web site?

This reply was deleted.