Thalon quad W/ naza-M flight controller


This is the quad that a friend and i are working now.

Its a Turnigy Thalon quad frame, with some mods. It has a pvc tubing landing gear.

Motors are NTM 3530 prop


FC: Naza-M with GPS

ESC HK 40 A opto esc.

It is equiped with the gopro black edition.

battery its 4s 5.8 Ah, zippy compact

I am getting 9 minutes of flight time.

The AUW its 2 kg

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  • A little bit, yes. But with the accesories tha came with the Gpro we already fix it. In that flight we were setting up the gains of the gyros, so you can see that the camera is pointing towards the sky and not to the ground as it should be.

  • Does having it in the "plus" configuration obstruct the view from the gopro much?
  • Here are some photos in flight3692836635?profile=original

  • I stuck it in the arm in first place, and the i attatched the arm in the central plate.

  • MR60

    How did you attach your PVC landing gear on the plates ?

  • The central plate is all Turnigy Thalon. The kv for the motors is 1100 with 8x4.5 props.

    We are planning to do aerial videos with the gopro, and some aerial photography with a canon SX260.

    I tested the same setup with a 10x4.5 props, and they are way powered, at the point that when i cut the hole throttle stick the quad is still on the air. It was dangerous.

  • Also what is the kv rating on your motors? I have the ntm 35-42 1000kv on 11x4.7 props. They are way over powered for my application but as long as i dont go above 60% throttle I get decent flight times, 9 minutes. AUW 1.5kg with gopro.
  • What parts from the talon did you use? As far as I can see from the picture it looks like only the motor mounts. Seems kind of heavy, what are you guys planning on doing with it?
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