APM 2.5 for photogrammetry

Today I share with you my experience after four years of trial and error with APM, and managed to optimize my skywalker as UAV for photogrammetry, is a team of professional results for less than 4k USD, APM is a great platform for autopilot dornes developed for different applications at the beginning is a bit confusing and frustrating but then you start to see the benefits of this open source autopilot. georeferencing tools like pictures (control + F) is very useful for a good result.

my drone is equipped with:

skywalker 1900

motor : scorpion 1100

camera: samsumg nx200 lens 20mm

LRS : dragon link

radio : futaba 12fg

camera video : gopro3

modem: maxstream xt9

APM 2.5 




Here are other examples



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  • I can see this thread is already 1 year old.

    I have started to fly my own mission but indeed Mobius wide angle is too wide. I am totally familiar with CHDK and hav my Canon A2500 set up properly.

    My question is : how do you mount a 200g camera on your plane ? I have a Bixler and I am still puzzled about where i could stick it properly without damaging it when landing... Inside the plane, the APM takes lots of space at the CG point. I have sticked my Mobius to the side of the CG, and the plane accepts it.

    Any hint or link to a picture would be greatl appreciated

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    I Lorenzo the Arduplane platform is available also in italy for doing this kind of work ... we are working on different kind of RTF platform for do that ...http://www.virtualrobotix.com/profiles/blogs/vr-planer-first-flight... Our research center is at KilometroRosso near Bergamo .  


    Roberto Navoni

  • How are you triggering your cameras? by installing a servo on the case?

  • about how i take syncro pictures ...

    I not know how Jim do but i modify all my cameras to have EXTERNAL BATTERY, SHOT and some other things.

    I have 4 cameras: 2x sx200, 1xNEX-F3, 1x NEX7

    my OWN designed autopilot trigger the camera in 80by80 meters. I define this distance in flight plan.

    My autopilot have an internal SCAN routine where i define the POLIGON area, sweep distance, angle and the plane do the scan autonomously.

  • Oh Eduardo, i misread. When you said that chdk is older than drones, i thought that you were refering to DRONE´s as a aplication...


  • well, what i try to tell is that CHDK exist at much more time than the civilian UAV and ardupilot.

    I use CHDK for years. I worked at news paper and used chdk to made stereo pictures.

    sorry for my poor english.

  • Ok, yeah, pardon my ignorance. I insists what is drones? a code? a camera firmware?

  • CHDK work very good for photogrammetry but its no made specially for this purpose as you say.

    How you never hear about DRONES ? you are in DiY DRONEs site jejejej

    regards .

  • Hi Eduardo, yes i am talking about the CHDK, why you say that it doesnt work for photogrammetry? There is a very large number of people that uses CHDK with good outcomes.

    And what is DRONEs? First time i hear about it.

  • Are talking about CHDK ?

    If yes, this is not a specially developed for photogrammetry.

    Is much more old than DRONEs.

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