ArduIMU+ V3 camera gimbal stabilizer on IndieGoGo


My original blog post offering a bounty on software for the ArduIMU v3 to make it into a very good standalone camera gimbal stabilizer attracted alot of criticism and at the same time alot more support.  There are many people who have joined my cause, and pledged to either match my bounty or contribute towards the bounty.  So many pledges that it has become hard to track.  One member suggested using Kickstarter. However as a non-US resident I was not able to create a project on Kickstarter so one has been created on IndieGoGo.

Don't forget that whilst the $10 contribution is appreciated, and you contribute as much as you like, matching my $100 bounty is even more appreciated.  And for $225 I'll get a ArduIMU and solder the connectors and flash the firmware for you.

[EDIT: The 30 March deadline has now been extended until 11 May or until the bounty is claimed, which ever comes first.

It looks like this is getting pretty big with a number of contenders and backers, ie. more than just my $100 reward.  Whilst my offer for a $100 reward plus bonus still stands for the FIRST person to deliver code that meets the specification;  I would like to propose that the contributions/backers/funders on IndieGoGo vote at the end of the project (11 May) who should receive the funds raise on IndieGoGo (less the 9% fee that IndieGoGo charge).

So essentially there will be the $100 plus bonuses from me for the FIRST app, and the IndieGoGo pool for the BEST app.


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  • Now it works! At least I see consistent serial messages.

    bad code I had (MPU6000.h):

       unsigned const char dmpMem[8][16][16] = { ...

    Code that works:

       unsigned char dmpMem[8][16][16] PROGMEM = { ...

    Thanks Michael.

  • Developer

    i have updated the zip file to include an exact thing i have


  • Developer

    can you try feeding in a clean 5v into the ftdi connector or 5v input? you have some readable characters, which is very odd.

  • I've tried to upload the code with windows (Arduino 022) and I get the same results: 


    Do I have to do something else after loading the firmware?

    Connections scheme:


    I've analysed PWM0/PWM1 and they are always ON. 


    They only change after connecting the IMU and after its initialization, but after that they don't change (unit time is seconds).

  • Developer

    i used arduino 022 btw

  • Developer


    this is what you should se eon the console

    the servos should be connected to D8 and pwm0 for roll and pitch, also radio input on a0 and a1



  • @Hai I managed to compile the code, now I've uploaded it to ArduIMU, but I suppose I've done something wrong because it doesn't work. I've connected two servos (PWM0 and PWM1) but they don't move. I get non ASCII messages through serial port and I can't enter CLI after sending some NL/CR. 3692429452?profile=original

  • Developer

    when you uploaded the code, it wil lgho though an init process, and print pwm's every seconds or so.


    To enter the menu you need to press enter a few times.

  • I have attempted to test the gimbal stabilizer code, but have not yet had any luck in getting it installed and running. I have verified Michael's code in the IDE, and received a report of the code successfully uploading to the ArduIMU, (thanks to several of you offering good advice-Jani, Vernon, Micheal)  however it did not appear to run or affect any movement of the servos. I suspect that I have not really uploaded the code or some other issue other than the code is the problem. However, in order to determine this, I am going to have to go into much more detail with the arduIMU than I have in terms of uploading test code, etc which I have not had time to do yet. I am new to the arduIMU and have not used the one I received other than this attempted testing, so I don't really know if my hardware is healthy.

    And Don, yes, the jumping back and forth between threads is a pain!

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    Has anyone (besides the writers of the code) been able to confirm that there is a working ArduIMU Camera Gimbal stabiliser?  I personally have been busy and haven't had a chance to try yet.

    @Marc that worked as in you were about to install it, or that worked as the gimbal stabiliser did a good job?

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