Exposure rate limitations

I can't seem to get my S100 to take pictures much faster than an expourse every two seconds or so. I'm using the "trigger by distance" method to trigger from the autopilot. I think I've disabled all the camera features that might slow down the camera (e.g. review, etc.). Anyone else using an S100, or any other camera, and getting a higher exposure rate?

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  • Try CHDK instead. I get 1 shot /sec with SX260.
    • @Rami, have you needed to lock the exposure to attain such a fast shooting rate?

      • I use shutter priority (Tv)
        • Thanks, presumably that using CHDKs native support for USB triggering rather than a script.

          Have you managed to lock the focus, it seems a lot of people (including me) are struggling to do this with the SX260HS in particular when running CHDK.

          • I lock the focus on infinity, I have this option in the CHDK menu.
            • Have you checked whether this works? (If you point the camera at a close (<2 m) subject, does it ignore your override and refocus?)

              I've tried using the CHDK menu to set the focus to infinity, but the autofocus overrides this and refocuses before each shot.

              There are several reports of this behavior this on the CHDK forums; irrespective of whether the focus is set (i) manually, (ii) via the CHDK menu, or (iii) via a script.  This is the third camera model identified to have this focussing issue, the CHDK developers have been looking at if for a while, but AFAIK it's unresolved. (NB. the information presented in the EXIF metadata isn't necessarily the settings that were actually used - again a consequence of using CHDK).

      • Does anyone know if 1) Canon EOS M can be fired with USB/CHDK script? 2) If so, can it capture at 1 fps when triggered by the autopilot?

    • @Rami -- I'm using CHDK with the script below and the USB port. I use a light controller to change the PWM signal into a simple on/off pulse.  Do you think there are CHDK settings that might be affecting the rate?

      @title Remote switch AP

      if is_key "remote" then shoot
      sleep 0
      goto "loop"


      • I am not connecting the camera to the APM at all. I just use the intervalometer function of the chdk.
  • On my SX230HS it would pretty much take 2 secs and in some cases invariably inbetween increase this to 3 or 4 seconds so you miss a photo at the right spot.  I used a fixed focus and a custom exposure script (kap_uav.la) to slightly decrease the delay, which is all you can do.

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