You have to be able to see your UAV/UAS/Drone to fly under FAA VFR line of sight Regulations.  This limits your range to a couple of hundred yards depending on your eyesight , daylight conditions, and background.interference.  Its also good for others to see it also for their safety and your liability issues.  

I want to introduce our brilliant omnidirectional LED search and rescue signal devices that are highly visible in all conditions and over 5 miles at night.

For UAV/UAS/Drones, we mounted the LED Board and driver in an anodized aluminum fixture with a polycarbonate dome.  Two wires exit the bottom and runs on 4.5 to 9 VDC.  They have a very low current draw and the entire unit weighs around 8 grams.  We believe It is the brightest, lightest, energy efficient omni directional multiple LED strobe on the market.

Thank you.

Jim O'Meara

North American Survival Systems

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What is the price point ?

The EF -10A Strobe retails for $139.95 with free shipping.

Where to buy? :) Link ?

at what distance can these be easily seen during the day?

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