External Magnetometer/Compass is stuck in one quadrant.

Has anybody been able to trouble shoot this?

I'm using a wooden H frame with aluminum arms, with an external compass/gps

http://witespyquad.gostorego.com/ublox-6m-gps-w-mounting-backplane.... with the gps antenna hood. It responds very strongly to Ferris objects and I think too sensitive as I can't even get the compass to line up with north.  


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same problem. I get +300 as offset. I guess you dont havec to set 180° because the compas is on the top of the board, not below as the 3dr...

Have you find a solution ?

what do you mean by "the compas is on the top of the board, not below as the 3dr..." I was using a sand alone hmc5883l and it worked find until a crash screwed up the pins.

No, I haven't had or found any other solutions, it's a bad part on the board for all my concern.

I get it ! Put off the GPS, put it on the back


simple but I get offset of 50...

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