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Working on a fpv arducopter quad


denton, tx

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Ben replied to Dat0's discussion Arduino Boat
" Yeah, you could run it on Ardumega, as that is the base chip on the ardupilot. The code requires a bit of modification for a standard board, but it will work. In fact, there might already might be a script that is on github that does exactly that. …"
Sep 8, 2016
Ben replied to Dat0's discussion Arduino Boat
"you should be able to ardupilot and set auto navigation to way points, I think that would satisfy the basic requirement, as it can use the built in program to make course correction based on GPS location. "
Sep 5, 2016
Ben replied to Kevin Rearick's discussion Water drone application
"Yeah, there's a great video by these guys thas show to waterproof electronics for IP68. If you find any info on marine sonar and integrating them with arduino, will you post it, thanks? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s4z8QMgTEA4"
Sep 5, 2016
Ben commented on Burkhard rieck's blog post The Ardupilot controlled transducer boat part 3
"Hi BurkHard, I found Pyhum a couple of months ago, but I forgot about this post. I haven't done any programming in python, but I wondering if you have checked it out. Just curious if you've heard about this. https://github.com/dbuscombe-usgs/PyHum"
Oct 2, 2015
Ben replied to Cristian Rougier's discussion Brave sea hull in ArduBoat User Group
"I don't think you understand, if you are going to make a custom set up, you can focus on the specs you want, not exactly what the other product provides. If you are just dropping the bait, you can stick it on a multirotor and drop it, you don't have…"
Aug 23, 2015
Ben replied to Cristian Rougier's discussion Brave sea hull in ArduBoat User Group
"how much weight are you towing, do you want it to suspend the bait and have a quick release when a fish takes it, what is your controlling device you want to use, what is your budges if it's not $60,000? It basically sounds like you want somebody to…"
Aug 22, 2015
Ben posted a discussion
My email to hobby king:I have attached the conversation thread I had with Eulogio.  I had on the morning of Aug. 12. I had ordered some motors that where on sale during your midsummer sale, order number 20011914115, they went out of stock. I've…
Aug 12, 2015
Ben replied to bigkahuna's discussion Wired comms to ArduRover (for underwater use)? in ArduBoat User Group
"You know on subs, we used a towed array to for coms. It's basically an antenna with a float on it. I've been thinking about doing a submersible rover, and it's the cheapest thing I could think of. Bassically you can have 15 feet or what ever your…"
Aug 5, 2015
Ben replied to Harris's discussion Boat does not follow waypoint in ArduBoat User Group
"Well it looks like the rudder is going to max position, stopping the motor, and then trying to reengage, but it's just over correcting. Can you get another video of it out of the water, so that we can see the rudder trying to course correct ? "
Aug 3, 2015
Ben replied to Harris's discussion Boat does not follow waypoint in ArduBoat User Group
"Excessive drag can cause your ship to turn with out correction, or a mag is out of calibration it could be causing over correction, or if your rudder is too small or big or the ratio of the servo movement for the angle can cause over por under…"
Aug 2, 2015
Ben replied to Harris's discussion Boat does not follow waypoint in ArduBoat User Group
"Is your boat very symmetrical, off balance weight on one side of the keel, and have a substantially large enough rudder, and move at a speed that has a realistic speed where the unit can update position an make corrections to headings with out…"
Aug 2, 2015
Ben commented on Simon D. Levy's blog post Pixhawk + ODROID + MAVLinkAutoPylot
"Interesting, is ODROID to augment a potential collision avoidance system processing power, while the Pixhawk takes care of the flight controls?"
Jul 27, 2015
Ben replied to Ernie's discussion Quad flipped upside down in Loiter mode
"Under logs there CURR and Vcc,"
Jun 11, 2015
Ben replied to Chris Maier's discussion Altitude Hold Troubleshooting
"have you tried changing the mix between baro and gps 3d fix?"
Jun 10, 2015
Ben replied to Forrest Frantz's discussion Custom Quad Copter Setup without Recompiling APM Code in ArduCopter User Group
"is there a setting I'm not seeing for Y6 frame config?"
Jun 10, 2015
Ben replied to Mark Slater's discussion Would someone take a look at my logs please
"Have you tried recalibrating your brushless gimbal controller down on the P setting? I know if the P is too high it can caus those vibrations. From your flight controller the IMU looks fine, also how are you powering your bgc board? straight from…"
Jun 10, 2015