Would someone take a look at my logs please

No problems in flight to mention but got a strange problem on the gimbal (nothing to do with the Pixhawk).

whilst looking at the logs I noticed more vibration than normal (at least from what I can remember) The soundtrack on the camera also makes me think one of the motors may be noisey or have a bad bearing.

Video from the camera is here - you can see vibrations wandering down into the gimbal - even through 2 sets of vibration dampening.  Some odd reaction around the 1:45 time.  It as a little breezy but certain not windy


Any thoughts and comments would be greatly appreciated.


2015-05-30 11-19-57.bin

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  • Have you tried recalibrating your brushless gimbal controller down on the P setting? I know if the P is too high it can caus those vibrations. From your flight controller the IMU looks fine, also how are you powering your bgc board? straight from the battery or UBEC? If it's a cheap UBEC, irregular pulses or pulses from different loads on a common UBEC can cause problems regulating voltage to the transistors on the board thus giving irregular power and the gimbal just isn't compensating on that power fluctuation. 

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