Brave sea hull

Hello all, can anybody tell me about how to build a similar hull? or any similar available on market?

I'm working in a sport fishing project, surf fishing (from coast), and i need at least 5 boat like this.  

Each boat have a cost of $1200 plus 500 shipping. is a lot.

Boat need to be stand all time in waves , no turn over, and be faster.

Any help will be appreciated.






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  • HELLO ALL , i can accept boat consult for this project.



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    Here is a link to a Vbox hull that is 46" long in which I installed a 3hp brushless motor and ESC to replace the 26cc gas engine.

    Brushless motors of the size that I used will require at least 5S LiPo batteries.



  • how much weight are you towing, do you want it to suspend the bait and have a quick release when a fish takes it, what is your controlling device you want to use, what is your budges if it's not $60,000? 

    It basically sounds like you want somebody to design a project so that you can build it, but if you can't even come up with the base line desired specs, why would anybody take the time to design one for you, without any real details other than stable, faster, how to lay fiberglass molds?

    If you really wanted go cheap, get a good weather proof box , seal it with epoxy resin, add a big keel and some outriggers, and and the largest motor you can fit in the model brackets, raw materials cost is probably going to cost you around $350USD per boat, but that doesn't account for learn curves and redesigns after running tests


    • Hello Ben, and thank you for your answer!

      Regarding bait , i need to carry the bait and hook 500 meters inside sea, release this, and boat back to coast. 

      First i will do this manually with RC, an later i'm thinking in to use px4 and GPS for all targets, home and others.

      I think i can accept a boating consult to do this.

      Regarding specs, this are fully specs


      Dimensions: L 103cm, W 29cm, D 27cm

      Weight: 14kg with batteries loaded

      Radio System: 3 Channel 2.4GHz remote control with proprietary long range RX antenna

      Radio range:  1 – 1.2km depending on water conditions

      Motor Transmission: Geared 1kw Brushless Motor

      Speed Control: Electronic Speed Controller

      Battery Requirement: 2 x 9amp/hr 12v Sealed Lead Acid Cells

      Maximum distance per single charge:

      – Power Prop: 1600m at full throttle (On one charge) 2400m at 2/3 throttle

      – Econo Prop: 1900m at full throttle (On one charge) 2700m at 2/3 throttle

      Maximum Speed: 170m/min (Power Propeller) and120m/min (Economy Propeller)

      Battery Recharge Time: 2 – 10 hours (depending on battery condition)

      Charging Requirements: 14.8v 2amp charger with automatic full charge turn-off

      Thank you, regards!


    • I don't think you understand, if you are going to make a custom set up, you can focus on the specs you want, not exactly what the other product provides. 

      If you are just dropping the bait, you can stick it on a multirotor and drop it, you don't have to worry about water tight hull and travel much faster and if you use an apm or pixhawk flight controller you can set up autopilot and drop it using your smartphone with in a radius of about 30 feet of exactly where you want, but your overall mass that can be transported is limited. 

      So what specs are important to you? And why do need 5 of them? If you have extra batteries you can just do multiple missions. 

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