Boat does not follow waypoint


I am using RC tugboat and i have issue where my boat does not follow the waypoint set up and if turn to auto mode the boat will move in zig zag position.

here are the details of hardware i used :


ArduPilot Mega 2.6 External Compass

APM Flight Controller Combo w/Ublox


Futaba T6J Tx Rx

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  • I'm with Grant on this one. Looks like a tuning problem. I've seen it many times with rover.

    • Out of the water, switch to AUTO. If the rudder goes full right, turn the boat to the right. I'm guessing it will try to correct itself before you turn 180°.
      My assumption is that when you point the boat toward it's waypoint the rudder will start to flap from side to side at full deflection. If so, read through 'fixing problems with weaving' at the bottom of the tuning page.
  • Developer

    Its probably the tuning.  Have a look through this web page to resolving the weaving issue.

    Thanks, Grant.

    • Hi Grant,

      Thank for reply, i try to change the tuning and nothing happen, when the boat start in auto mode the servo automatically turn to the right. I will upload the video later.



    • Well it looks like the rudder is going to max position, stopping the motor, and then trying to reengage, but it's just over correcting. Can you get another video of it out of the water, so that we can see the rudder trying to course correct ? 

  • Excessive drag can cause your ship to turn with out correction, or a mag is out of calibration it could be causing over correction, or if your rudder is too small or big or the ratio of the servo movement for the angle can cause over por under corrections. 

  • Is your boat very symmetrical, off balance weight on one side of the keel, and have a substantially large enough rudder, and move at a speed that has a realistic speed where the unit can update position an make corrections to headings with out overshooting them?

    • My boat are normal in manual mode, the weight is balance, but the speed in auto mode I don't know how to adjust it to make it slower

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