HobbyKing Customer service, or lack there of

My email to hobby king:

I have attached the conversation thread I had with Eulogio.  I had on the morning of Aug. 12. 
I had ordered some motors that where on sale during your midsummer sale, order number 20011914115, they went out of stock. I've checked back 4 weeks later to find out they have discontinued. So I contacted your Live Chat for a substitution, the customer service person was Eulogio. I informed him of my order and he brought in Andrew, I had asked multiple times for an even trade. I don't if Eulogio was still in the chat or if he had just ignored my request for substitution with the same price, but in he informed me that I owed an additional $55 on top of the order, I asked what for, I thought it he understood english and that I wanted to pay the same price, I wasn't fixed on very particular set of motors, there was a range of specs I could have used. After 2 hours trying to get his attention again that I was not in agreement with the price difference he informed me that he could not do another substitution, regardless of the fact that he screwed up my previous parameters of my request for a substitution. So I told him to "Fucking cancel my order". It was apparent to me that he was not willing work with me at finding a substitution at the same price point.   
This has been the worst customer service experience I have had in my life. Not only did I wait 4 weeks of backorder status, I've wasted 2 hours and 30 minutes of dealing with customer service person that ignored my requests and ultimately did not help me get a product I wanted.  Hobby King, you need to work on your customer service, because in America monarchies have tendency to fall. 

And that is my rant. If something goes on backorder on hobby king, just cancel it, you will wait a month or more for resolution. 

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  • I've had great results w/ HK.. Service might be the wrong word.. But keep it simple, and they will help you... 
    If something goes wrong, simply ask for a return, and then you do the reorder yourself. 
    I've never had them deny me an RMA, for any reason.  Many times, the RMA process somehow works out in my favor too, due to mistakes they've made..  I've got an extra lipo, extra receiver, few other little things, too. 
    They do make mistakes, and they don't speak english, but if you keep it simple, they will do everything in your favor.

    That's been my experience, at least....

    • So my issue in not returning a product. It is getting a product sent to me. I have done 3 orders with Hobby King and I have had this problem with each of them. It takes them for ever to ship a product. This last one has been a terrible experience.

      It took almost 3 months to say they shipped the last one. I was on the chat with them asking when it was going to be shipped. The agent said "oh looked it just shipped" I think they just changed the order status to shipped. The order was placed on May 16 and I have still not received it. They also can not provide any kind of proof that they shipped my order. No tracking number, receipt, or any thing like that. They just keep telling me it has been escalated to management. I feel like they stole my money from me and they are unwilling to do any thing about it.

      I will never buy from them again and I would suggest any one reading this think long and hard about it.

  • I am having a similar issue and I will post my problem as well (don't have time right now). I would suggest that everyone avoids hobby king.

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