Water drone application

In need of water proof componentsI am interested in developing a water drone application. Can anyone recommend parts? Motors, ESC, controller and battery?Thanks

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  • Underwater Drone Controlled with Smart Phone App

    Camera submersible aims to put underwater exploration in the palm of your hand.

    From the Why Didn't Someone Think of This Before Dept., a team of designers is preparing to debut an underwater drone for consumers, which can be controlled via a simple smart phone app.
    Underwater drones and remotely controlled submersibles have been in use for years, of course, but they tend to be expensive and complicated to operate. The Fathom drone, on the other hand, is built with simplicity in mind. The drone uses a single turbine engine and is likely to retail for about $450.
    Border Cops Fight Drug-Smuggling Drones
    Co-creator Danny Vessels told the BBC that he was inspired by a lake in Michigan. When he heard stories of historical wrecks on the bottom of the lake, he went looking for a submersible with a camera that he could use to look around. The only options were pricey systems used by oceanographic researchers.
    Vessels worked with friends over the course of several months to design the Fathom, and the team is currently testing prototypes. The propulsion and steering systems are inspired by spacecraft design - a single turbine engine propels water through the shell, allowing the Fathom to dive, surface and steer.
    Drones Behaving Badly: Tackling Clogged Skies
    The design team is keeping exact specifications under wrap until the official unveiling, but you can get more details - and pre-order the Fathom - on the company webpage. It's not clear, for instance, what kind of wireless control system the Fathom will use since the typical 2.4GHz frequency used for drones only penetrates a few inches into water.
    Here's a video of the team testing the Fathom's propulsion system.

    Domestic uses for drones are growing to a wide range of applications not even considered a few years ago.


  • The best way is to use off the shelf components, ie tarot 650+a bulletproof APM 3.1 or Pixhawk, and waterproof it by yourself using corrosionX or similar. 6s is cool since it more "battery drain" tolerant than a 4s setup ! Statement based on actual testing in high winds above nasty saltwater.

  • Yeah, there's a great video by these guys thas show to waterproof electronics for IP68. If you find any info on marine sonar and integrating them with arduino, will you post it, thanks?

  • You still looking?



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