F450 Quadcopter Baterry

Hi Everyone, i´m new in building Quadcopters, just last week i ordered all that i need to build my first one and today found out that i ordered the wrong battery (i think).

Lipo 2 cell 7.4v 2650mAh nanotech Turnigy, instead of a 3 cell.

Can i power (fly) my F450 Apm 2.6 with this battery or definitely i need to buy the 3 cell battery.

Thanks in advance to the community

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  • Hi Fernando,

    I have a DJI F450 Flamewheel and I am pretty sure you will want an 11.3 volt (3 cell) LiPo for it.

    The correct number of cells is highly dependent on the motor KV and the size of the props that you use.

    But for the F450 (best with 10" props)  and normally with 930 - 1000 KV motors like Eric says above a 3 cell LiPo is the normal configuration.

    (And 2 cell will not provide enough throttle for satisfactory hovering or flying).

    Please look at my Two Flamewheels Build on my quadcoptersarefun site for that and more useful information regarding making a Flamewheel work for you.


    The F450 is a great copter and if you put it together right it should be an excellent copter for your first experience, they are very sturdy and fly very well.

    Best regards,


    • Interesting, i will definitely check your site, thanks Gary

  • It really depends on the size of your build.  Typically, most quads operate best at 12V and above (usually 3S or 4S).  Lower voltage means less power.  Less power means smaller motors and speed controllers and a smaller, lighter body.  You're building a 450 class quad.  I'm assuming you're using ~1000kv motors and 20A ESCs (or something like that).  That's a setup that you'll want a 3S battery for.  You probably will get off the ground with a 2S, but it will fly slugish and you can't carry much payload.  I would upgrade to a 3S for more power.  The mAh rating on batteries is about capacity.  The higher the rating, the longer the battery charge will last.  I was getting about 8-10 minutes on a 3S 2100mAh on the first 450 that I built.  I upgraded to a 4S 5600mAh (and lower kv motors) and I get about 15.  On my 680 hex, I just upgraded to a 8000mAh 4S.  Close to 20 minutes with that... until I crashed it into the side of my house, snapped one of the carbon fiber arms.  So now I have a nice weekend project to keep me busy.  Hope this helps!

    • Thank you very much for the answer man, and you are right.

      The thing is that this drone its just for getting the knowledge because currently im living in a foreign country and in two months i will go back to my home country and me and a friend will divide the parts so i will end up with half the drone.

      I dont really need much flying time. I have 920kv motors and E300 15A 11.1v-14.8v, can i fly this with the 2s battery or by doing that i could damage other part?

      I have the APM2.6 with power module.

      Thanks for the time man.

      • It won't do any damage.  It just might not get you off the ground.

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