FAA Link with some interesting info

I am a newbie, and was looking through the Getting Started section and came across a dead FAA link.   I suspect this might be the updated one with some great information, but also follow the related links on the page where it discusses rule 333 which seems to govern UAV flights, etc.   Lots of very good information for new people like me.

I worry that newbies such as myself will violate some rules without knowing and make matters worse.  Here's to safe operation!

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  • I also found this video discussing the comment period on the proposed interpretation of rules which could have a major impact on our hobby.   The old pros probably know this already, but I had no idea about the proposed rules and the upcoming comment period on these rules coming to an end.  Check out the video and then make a comment to the FAA!http://www.modelaircraft.org/aboutama/AMAInterpretiveRuleResponse.aspx

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